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A solar kit

When buying a solar kit be sure you get what is necessary.

You do need a solar panel/s, a charge controller, batteries as well as an inverter. (If you need 110 or 220-volt AC.)

Today you get a wide range of Solar kits. The kits store custom energy in batteries for off-grid applications.

Also when no power is available from the grid or from solar panels during no light conditions. 

When we look at the components that make up a full solar power system we have to look at the following;

For off-grid we need

Solar panel/s. 

Charge controller. 


Inverter( If you want to go 110 or 220Volt.)

For a hybrid solar kit, we need

Solar Panels.

Hybrid Inverter. 


For a grid-tie kit, we need

Solar Panels. 

Grid-Tie Inverter.

For a proper solar kit, we also need the necessary solar cables. Also MC4 connectors, switches, and mounting brackets.

A complete solar kit

The Renogy 100W Solar Panel kit you can use  for off-grid applications like boats, sheds trailers, RV's, campers and more.

The kit has a  reasonable price. With a bit of extra money, it is better to replace the Wanderer charge controller with an MPPT controller.  It becomes possible to generate a much higher return. You can also prevent system failure.

It is no problem if the panel is flat on a surface. It still performs very well and even gives a high output on cloudy days.  

Some handy framework makes it possible to mount the panel with a required angle. This is to ensure max sunlight.

To ensure the largest output throughout the day it is best to adjust the angle at regular intervals. It maximizes exposure to the sun to ensure peak power.

Click here to go to the 12v solar panel kit.

Click here to go to the 50 watt solar panel kit.

Click here to go to the 70 watt solar panel kit.

Click here to go to the Renogy 100 watt solar kit.

Some of the better solar kits

The 40 watt solar module is a reliable multi-functional device.

This 40 watt solar panel kit is inexpensive and efficient.

Eco-Worthy makes a great product at a competitive price. 

Use it for the proper application and you will experience years of free electricity.

The 45 watt solar panel kit  form Thunderbolt to operate with three amorphous or thin film panels to produce a proper output.

We call it the Thunderbolt Solar Kit and it operates on 12 volt direct current.

This is a flexible system that you can use for various applications. 

The 60 Watt solar panel kit from Renogy that is to be called the Solar  Suitcase. 

The system combines two solar panels. Included in the kit is an adjustable charge controller with an LCD screen. 

The two 30 watt solar panels are perfect to use for off-grid applications.

The 80W solar panel comes with a built-in controller and is ready to charge a battery or to use as a solar generator.

Acopower manufactures the Monocrystalline portable solar module.

It also comes with a user manual, alligator clamps, and cables, as well as a 10 Ampere charge controller.

The 120 watt solar panel kit charges batteries.

Eco Worthy manufactures the 120-watt solar suitcase. It is a plug and play solar system and easy to set up and use. 

The suitcase comes with a built-in 15 Amp charge controller. 

The 180W solar panel kit comes with a built-in controller and is ready to charge a battery or to use it as a solar generator.

Zamp Solar in the U.S. manufactures the Monocrystalline portable solar module. 

 It exists of two 90 watt solar panels.

The 200 watt solar panel kit known as the Renogy 200 watt solar starter kit.

Use it for sheds and cabins, boats, trailers and RV’s. One person has mounted it on top of a school bus.

He is utilizing the sunshine while driving during normal daytime hours. 

This 320w solar panel kit is good for many applications.  It is handy to use as a source of power to charge batteries use for either DC or AC appliances.

They call it the solar Elite kit. 

The 400 watt solar panel kit is high quality and the panels are efficient, even on cloudy days.

The charge controller comes with many useful displays to track everything important.

The complete system is unbelievable easy to install.

The 500W solar panel kit is a high-performance system.  ACOPOWER manufactures these rigid and strong solar modules.

You can connect the five 100-Watt polycrystalline solar panels to get an output power of 500 watt.

It is easy to use the 500W solar module as a battery charger and many more applications.

The 960 Watts 24Volts Monocrystalline solar panel kit has a wide variety of applications.  It is a complete 24 volts off-grid solar power kit.

Use it for charging a 24 volts battery bank and many DC/AC appliances. 

 The panels are well built. The frame is sturdy and it makes one believe that it will last as long as the manufacturer says.

The 1500 Watt Solar Panel kit to be used for big money savings especially on clear sunny days.

These high-efficiency Monocrystalline solar cells ensure high performance of solar modules. 

The ECO LLC 1500W 24V Complete Off Grid Solar  Kit also performs very well under low light, shady and cloudy conditions.

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