You Have to Consider Solar Energy Pros

Study solar energy pros before you invest. Then you determine which advantages to associated with solar.

You can use it remote,  it is portable, available all over the spectrum and solar is very versatile.

You get a positive Return on Investment. You save big amounts of money and it is available when you need it most.

Solar ensures energy security and is very reliable. It is part of an evolving technology and it requires low maintenance. Solar is easy to install. It is friendly to the environment and you get no emissions.  It also operates silently.

Solar brings freedom, it is scalable, it is renewable, it gives plenty and it is sustainable.

Solar is hassle-free, you can make use of shared solar when you have no roof space. Often there exist government grants, which help very much with initial installation costs.

The main solar energy pros

Solar can be used remotely

Solar panels can provide power in the most remote areas. In places where it is impossible or too expensive to run power cables, it is easy to install solar modules.

Solar is a portable power solution

Devices that can charge your cell phone from solar energy are available. You can use it across the globe and at very reasonable prices.  

Available and versatile

Most of the surface of the earth receives enough sunlight to make solar panels a viable option. You can use solar panels to generate electricity anywhere where the sun shines. The quality though will vary according to climate and location.

Another one of the solar energy pros is that it is versatile. It does not only generate electricity, it has many other applications.  You can use it to heat up buildings, water for your geyser or for your swimming pool. You can use it to generate steam and drive turbines to produce electricity at large scale.

Cost-effective Investment

Solar is cost-effective. You can recoup your investment within a period of between 6 to 7 years.

This is a great return on investment, and in years to come it ensures electricity that is free. It will only be necessary to maintain and replace your backup batteries.

If you make an investment in solar panels and you can control your electricity prices for the years to come. You will not experience unpleasant price increases. It is good to enjoy one of the important solar energy pros.

With the introduction of net metering, it is possible to sell excess electricity. Homeowners can now reduce their electricity expenses.

In the long run, you can realize big savings.

Energy Security

Another one of the solar energy pros is that you are now producing your own electricity. You reduce your dependency on external energy suppliers. 

You are not so dependent on the large suppliers anymore. Your energy security increases. 


 Solar panels are very reliable; modules have a 25-year warranty. The life expectancy is much longer yet. There are solar modules that are still producing power after being in service for more than 50 years. 

Available when needed most

 A big solar energy pro is that it is available when you need it most. A good example is during hot summer days when electricity demand becomes very high. It is then needed for the cooling of buildings and other spaces where people are at work.

This is also the time when the energy supply from the summer sun is high.  You will not experience a shortage of solar power. 

Technology is improving

With evolving technology, the modern solar modules became much more efficient. 

Efficiency has increased from as much as 14% to 22% during the last couple of years.

The use of nanotechnology and quantum physics increase the output of solar modules. It will be possible to triple the electrical output of solar modules within recent years to come.

Low Maintenance

Another of the solar energy pros is that there are not many moving parts involved in a solar system, except where people use tracking devices and that does not happen too often...

What we need, though, is the cleaning of the solar surfaces when it becomes too dirty. Dirty solar panels are not efficient.

Solar produces no emissions

The Coal Footprint

During energy production, solar produces no emissions. This is one of the important energy pros.

An average coal-fired power plant produces 3.5 million tons of carbon dioxide per year. It also produces nitrogen oxide emissions, mercury emissions, and airborne particulates.

The emissions of a comparable sized solar installation are zero.


Solar power does not release toxic gasses into the atmosphere. It generates electricity without any greenhouse gasses.  

Environmental friendly

A solar panel is an option for the generation of electricity.

You get pollution during the manufacturing and transportation stages of solar panels.

Once installed it provides clean electricity. It may otherwise have been electricity generated from fossil fuels. 

Carbon footprint

When we do a solar move we can nullify our carbon footprint. We then contribute to our children's well-being in the future. 


With a solar application, we do not use moving parts.  There is no noise associated with the photovoltaic equipment.

It compares very favorably with other green tech electricity generation. 


A big one of the solar energy pros is that you can free yourself from your electricity supplier. You will not feel like a slave anymore. Electric companies don't negotiate, they push up the prices and you have to pay. These companies take your freedom away.

Rest assured when you use solar panels you will make a stand for your individual freedom. You will enjoy personal freedom.

Electricity from solar panels is in real time. You can have it where and whenever you want it. You can have it in real time. It is an enlightened and sophisticated form of electricity generation.

Solar panels are scalable

You can scale solar installations up or down by adding or removing solar panels as required.

It works well on a very large scale, as well as for small-scale homeowner installations.


With non-renewable sources like fossil fuels, we can run out of energy sources. With solar that is renewable, we cannot run out of solar energy. For as long as the sun shines, which could be for millions of years, we will have access to solar energy.

It is free and abundant and replenished by nature and it will not deplete within the near future.


Solar energy is sustainable. It means that it will need to meet the needs of the present. Also, it will not compromise the possibility of future generations to generate electricity. This is by utilizing the same source.

We will not over consume and leave our children without a usable source of energy.

Once installed about no transportation is necessary to maintain this energy source.

No hassle, no fuel, no lubrication or maintenance is necessary. You only have to clean the surface of the panel when dirty.

Shared solar

With shared solar it possible to subscribe to what they call “community solar gardens”.

Homeowners can generate solar electricity without having solar panels on their own rooftops. 

In a conclusion

After you have considered the solar energy pros you should realize the possibilities.

Remember your own property is unique. It is thus necessary to consider solar energy pros.

Only then can you act and invest in solar. You will then gain freedom and experience all the solar energy pros.

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