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I want to tell you a bit about myself. My name is CP van Wyk, but my friends call me Callie. Some call me CP. 

CP is the abbreviation for the province ( Cape Province) where I  live.

I have been interested in renewable and solar energy for many years, but I haven't done much about it until  about 2004.

I am with my wifeI am with my wife.

Before 2004 

I left school, I worked a couple of years and then I had to go for military service.

After that I got a job at Telcom. I studied hard and intense for six years and I earned a masters in technology.

I then worked hard, studied a bit more and saved as much as I could and in 1993  I bought myself a small farm.

I bought the farm near Sedgefield in South Africa.

After 2004

After 2004 climate change, the need to invest wisely, and authorities that keep on loading the electricity bill, just became more prominent.

Realizing that I had to do something myself I set out to find out more about solar energy.

It was hard work, but a good experience.

My technical background helped so much to understand a solar system. What you need, where it fits in and the sizing thereof.

I am amazed at what mankind can do if he sets his mind to it.

I learned that buying solar panels can be a good investment. Not only for your house, but also for camping, hiking, and travelling.

Solar panels come in all sizes. You can attach them, carry them, fold them, or even flex them. The panels will always be a good investment.

The panels are flexible and easy to use. I can make the investment and will never be sorry.

I think what I love most is the fact that I can contribute towards the saving of our wonderful planet.

I know it is only like a drop in the ocean. At least I am doing something, and this is what makes me happy.

My intention is to present easy to read information. I hope that you will find my content informative.

What I really love is previewing the many available solar panels.

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