The 180 watt solar panels to be High-Efficiency Mono Modules.

180 watt solar panel180-watt solar panel.

The 180 watt solar panels are a high-performance modules. NewPowa manufactures these rigid and strong solar modules. 

They call it the NEWPOWA 180 Watt 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel. It is a High-Efficiency Mono Module. 

It comes with pre-installed diodes in the junction box and a pair of 3 feet MC4 cables attached to the solar module.

 The package does not include a charge controller or mounting hardware. 

The efficiency of the mono panel is 17.1% and the color is black. 

The manufacturer uses high-performance cells that they encapsulate in EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate). 

EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) is available in thin sheets. The manufacturers insert these thin sheets between the solar cells. Also between the module and the top surface. They also use it between the module and the back surface. 

They use heavy duty anodized aluminum frames for solar panels. That provides for high-quality panel rigidity. 

One can use these solar panels for many years. You will experience no faults, defects or operating failures. 

The 180 watt solar panels come with a superb warranty for up to 25 years.

On a sunny day with 7 hours of sunlight in mid-summer, you can bargain for the generation of about 1 KiloWatt.

That is 7 x 180 watt = 1,260KiloWatt.

Now you allow for a loss of 15% and you get 1,260 X 85/100 = 1,071 KiloWatt

Ignore the 0,071 and you get a fair 1 KiloWatt.

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180 watt Solar Panels Specs


Maximum Power.

Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc):

Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp):

Optimum Operating Current (Imp):

Short-Circuit Current (Isc):










  • There is a   2 year limited materials and workmanship warranty .
  • It includes a 10 year/90% power output warranty. 
  • It guarantees  an 80% efficiency rate for 25 years.








12.0kg / 25.35lbs.

1482 x 675 x 35mm (58.35 x 26.57 x 1.38 in)

Operating the 180 watt solar panels

To make the 180 watt solar panels  fully operational we need  a charge controller, battery and an inverter.

Size the charge controller by dividing max watts per hour by total volts.

This is 180/12 = 15 Ampere

Add 25% for safety and you get 15 X 1.25 = a  18.75 Amp charge controller.

A 20 Amp charge controller will be a good choice.

Size the battery by dividing the total watt by volts.

This is 180 watt x 6 hours sunlight ( Depending on your area.) X .85 for losses/ 12 volt x 2 for DOD.

This is 180 x 6 x .85 / 12 x 2 =  153 Amp Hours .

A 160 Ah battery will be a good choice.

Size the inverter by deciding the max watts to be utilized at once.

The max output of the panel is 180 watt. 

Rule of thumb is to use an inverter 1.25 to 1.5 times more than max watts.

In this case we can work with a 180 x 1.5 = 270. A 300 watt inverter will be a good choice.


  •  Pre-installed diodes in the junction box ensure save operation.
  • The solar panel has a solid frame and it comes with pre-drilled holes.
  • The connectors on the end fit perfectly in standard MC4 connectors and the wires are good thick high-quality conductors...
  • The 180 watt solar panels have the ability to produce a fair amount of power. Even on cloudy days and under shady conditions.
  • The solar module withstands strong winds and heavy snow loads.


  • Some people were complaining that they do not get max output when using the panels. We must remember though that ideal condition is mid-summer. Also when the sun shines perpendicular to the panel. 
  • The real output varies depending on where you stay and what season it is.
  • Some people want holes in the short mounting rails for more mounting options. It only has holes on the longer side.
  • If you want to angle it you have to mount brackets on the short side. You will have to drill some holes then. Drilling holes is not a major job, take care when drilling.

Maintaining the solar module

The only maintenance that you as a user have to do is making sure the cables are not damaged. This is to ensure a good working condition. 

Cleaning the surface of the a solar panel is also very important. Use a damp cloth to perform this duty. 

If necessary you can buy a proper solar cleaning liquid.

You can also buy a  a convenient solar brush for cleaning the surface of the panel.

A dirty panel leads to a big drop in efficiency. 

A professional person must perform all other maintenance functions. 

To mention

  • It is a fact that these panels are well built and can withstand higher winds without any problems.
  • The panels also look good and are very well made. 
Flat on Vehicle's roof.
  • The module works well even when you mount it flat on a vehicle’s roof..
  • We should remember it can support wind and rain, do not step on it. 
  • When you mount the solar panel remember to leave enough room between the solar panel and the roof. 
  • It is important to see that wire you use is always the right size for greatest amps flowing in the system. Use circuit breakers or fuses to protect the system when exceeding those limits

To conclude

The 180 watt solar panels come with a very high all around watt/dollar value. 

Newpowa makes a great product at a competitive price. 

The module produces usable power. The design is safe and stable and shipping is prompt when you order.

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