The 180 watt solar panels to be High-Efficiency Mono Modules.

The 180 watt solar panels are a high-performance modules. NewPowa manufactures these strong and rigid solar panels. 

This is  the NEWPOWA 180 Watt 12V Monocrystalline cell

It comes with diodes already attached for the junction box. It has 3 feet leads with MC4 connections. 

It does not have  a controller and no mount brackets

The mono panel comes with an efficiency of 17.1% .The color of the panel is black. 

They use high-performance cells. The manufacturer  encapsulates it in EVA. 

The strong anodized aluminum frames are provide for strong rigid modules.

You can use the solar panels for decades without any defects occurring.

In middle of summer on a  7 hours sunlight day , you can easily get an output of about 1 Kilo Watt.


7 x 180 watt = 1,260 KiloWatt.

Account a loss up to 15%. Now you have 1,260 X 85/100 = about ,071 higher than a kilo watt.

Without the 0,071  the 180 watt solar panel delivers 1 KiloWatt.

180 watt Solar Panels Specification


Max Power.

Open-Circuit Volts (Voc):

Optimum Operating Volts (Vmp):

Optimum Operating Amps (Imp):

Short-Circuit Amps (Isc):










  • It comes with a two limited warranty on  materials and workmanship.
  • There is a ten year for a 90% power out guarantee. 
  • Also an 80% rate of efficiency for 25 years.








12.0kg / 25.35lbs.

1482 x 675 x 35mm (58.35 x 26.57 x 1.38 in)


  • Pre-installed diodes for the junction box ensure save operation.
  • The solar panel comes with a strong frame with holes already drilled for quick installation.
  • Connectors on the end work with standard MC4 connectors. 
  • The 180 watt solar panels work on cloudy days as well as under shady conditions.
  • The solar panel can withstand strong winds. Also and heavy loads of snow and hail.

The not so good

  • Some people complain they do not always get maximum output when the panels are in operation. Remember though the ideal conditions are mid-summer. Also at the time that the sun shines at a 90 degree angle.
  • Output depends on area you live, time of day and the season.
  • Some people would like pre-drilled short mounting rails as well.
  • To angle it proper you can drill holes on the short side yourself. Drilling is not a big issue.

Maintaining the solar module

See to it that cables are fault free to ensure proper and safe output.

Clean the surface on a regular basis. Use a soft and damp cloth. 

Dirt on panels has a negative impact on efficiency.

It is best to let a professional person do other maintenance functions. 

Mentioning some facts

  • These panels are well built. They withstand high winds and also heavy snow and loads of hail.
Flat on Vehicle's roof.
  • You can mount it flat on the roof of a vehicle, and it will still work well.
  • Never step on the solar panel.
  • Leave ample space between the module and surface to prevent too much heat. 
  • Use right size wires for greatest current flow for the system. 

To conclude

The 180 watt solar panels has a good all around watt/dollar value. It produces usable power.

The product from Newpowa is well made and at a competitive price. 

The design is stable and safe. Also shipping is prompt when you order. 

 If you purchase a product through a link on this page, I do get a small   percentage  of commission at no extra cost to you.

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