A 330w solar panel  that can operate independently

330W Solar Panel330W Solar Panel.

A 330w solar panel that can be used for a variety of applications. It is good to use for AC or DC appliances as well as battery charging.

This is a handy 330w solar module with a number of improvements. This is a product of the USA, which they manufacture in Georgia & Michigan.

They call it the Suniva OPT330-S38-W3A02-W, 330 Watt Mono Solar Panel.

These high-powered modules consist of Suniva’s premium ARTisun® Select cell technology.

They manufacture the module by making use of proprietary low-cost processing techniques.

With their ION implantation technology, they ensure value, performance, and reliability.

(Ion implantation is a technique that improves solar cell efficiency. It cut process steps in standard and advanced cell designs.) 

They use Monocrystalline cells to build the 330w solar panel.

Between cells it has 3 buzz bars. A 5-buzz bar option is also available. 

How the 330w solar panel performs

It produces 1960 watts on a summers day with 7 hours of sunshine.

This is allowing for a loss of 15%. 

Use the 330w Solar Panel from the USA for commercial or residential purposes. This can be for on or off-grid applications.

The 330w solar panel has leads attached to it. This is at the junction box with a cable length of 1300 mm.

Specs of the 330w solar panel 


Large system Volts:                                             1000V DC.

Maximum power(Pmax):                                              330W.

Max Power Voltage (Vmp):                                    37.6 Volts.

Max Power Current (Imp):                                           8.78 A.

Open Circuit Voltage (Voc):                                         45.9 V.

Short Circuit Current (Isc):                                           9.54 A.

Operating temperature:                         from-40°C to +85°C.

Efficiency:                                                                    16.9%.


Panel Dimensions:                        1970 x 990 mm x 38 mm.                                                                   (77.6 x 39 x 1.5 in.)

Panel Weight:                                              23 kg (50.7 lbs.)

Cells Per Module:                                                              72.

Frame:                                  Silver anodized aluminum alloy.

Cell Type:                                                      Monocrystalline.

Length of cables:                                               2 x 1300mm.

Connector:                                                                        H4.

Junction Box:                 NEMA IP67 rated; 6 internal diodes.

Glass:                Tempered (low iron), anti-reflective coating.

Number of Bus bars:              It comes with 3 or 5 Bus bars.

To apply

Residential + Commercial 

Off and on the grid.

Larger Solar Systems




Operation of the 330w solar panel

The Suniva 330W Monocrystalline panel is ready to generate cheap electricity when directing to the sun.  

Use a charge controller to act as voltage regulator when charging batteries.

An inverter is needed for AC application.

Aluminum Frame(Silver Anodized)

With the silver frame you can utilize outdoors for decades.

They use glass with tempered (low iron), anti-reflective coating. This ensures better transparency and less reflection losses.

The Suniva 330W Monocrystalline panel withstands a front-load as high as 2400Pa. It can also resist wind of high speed. This is because it comes with a reinforced frame design. 


It has a Nema IP67 rated, waterproof junction box.

The durable box operates faultless in bad weather conditions.

It comes with six internal diodes. The diodes activate when partial shading occurs. It limits performance losses and heating of cells.

The ensures a stable and constant output.


This 330w solar panel provides a high-power output per square meter at an affordable price.

It comes with rigorous in-house quality management tests. That goes beyond standard UL and IEC standards.

The manufacturer uses an advanced polymer back sheet.

It comes with a positive-only power tolerance. (Power tolerance is a measure of how much electrical power a solar panel can produce. This is above or below its rated capacity at any time.)

The module comes with a marine-grade aluminum frame with a hard-anodized coating.

These Optimus® modules come with high quality and long-term reliability.

It comes with a durable frame. It is anti-corrosive and good to use outdoors for decades to come.

These 330w solar panels can withstand heavy masses of snow  and hail and very strong winds.

They certify the module PID-free. 


The module has a twenty five year linear power warranty and a 10-year product guarantee.

To conclude

The Suniva 330w Solar Panel is best quality. Testing is done properly.

It has a 16.9% efficiency and high power output. 

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