The 5 w solar panel is a battery trickle charger

Battery Tender 5 W Solar PanelBattery Tender 5 W Solar Panel.

The 5 w solar panel from Battery Tender  works to maintain batteries.  Even for vehicles that you do not use on a regular basis.

This is a portable battery charging and maintenance solar module.

The module comes with a built-in charge controller to prevent overcharging.

The 12-volt dc solar panel delivers 270mAmp for a total power output of 5 watts greatest.

The 5 watt solar panel maintains your batteries in varying weather conditions. The solar module has a built-in sensor for temperature compensation. The sensor ensures safe operation at temperatures between -18 °C and 50 °C.

This solar module comes with mounting hardware as well as battery clips

Alligator Clips with 2ft cableAlligator Clips with 2ft cable.

This includes 4 screws. The screws allow you to attach the solar panel to a surface by using the holes on each corner of the 5 w solar panel.

5 Feet Cord from the panel5 Feet Cord from the panel.

It comes with a 7 feet cable. More lengths of the cable are for sale.

The module also comes with an in line fuse for safety purposes.

The dimension of the solar panel is about 14 x 16 inches, and it weighs 3 pounds.

The 5 w solar panel Specification


Maximum Out:                                                                                                                   5W.

 Voltage                                                                                                                              12 Volts.


Weight:                                                                                                                            3 pound.

Dimensions:                     14 in (356mm) L x 16 in (406.5mm) W x 1 in (25.5mm) H

Manufacturer:                                                                                                                 Deltran. 

Maximum Operating Temperature:                                                                            50°C. 


Perfect for using to maintain batteries without access to an electrical outlet;

Use for:

Outdoor use;

Trickle charging;

Off road motorcycle;

All-terrain vehicles.

It maintains batteries as long as there isn't a significant drain.

5 W Solar Panel Charge Controller

5 W Charge Controller5 W Charge Controller.

The module comes with a built-in 3-step microcontroller. This ensures proper safe and precise charging.

The controller regulates the output voltage from the solar panel. It also prevents battery damage by overcharging.

The chargers have a status light.

The light indicates the mode of operation of the charger. As well as the condition of the battery that we connect to the charger.

The charger will check and maintain the battery at full charge.

How does the 5 w solar panel work? 

The 5 w solar battery charger  maintains a 12-volt battery.

It is ideal for use even when you park your vehicle for long times. Even indoors. Find a sunny spot, set it up and be sure your battery will stay fully charged.


  • The module is spark-proof and it comes with reverse polarity protection.

  • This comes as a DIY installation that is simple and easy to do.

  • The temperature compensation sensor maintains safe operation within a specific temperature threshold.
  • This panel is a good option for outdoor installations, because it is waterproof.

  • The 5 w solar panel comes with good construction.
The hole on each corner to attach the panelThe hole on each corner to attach the panel.
  • They protect the electronics very well. The cables are of a good quality and the insulation is of high standard.
  • The corner fasteners for permanent installation are a welcome feature.
  • Even in the winter when we do not get much sunshine the solar module still works well. It is keeping the system charged up.

  • The surface is smooth and flat and a breeze to keep clean.


Someone suggests that the manufacturer includes some sort of mounting brackets. This is to  mount the 5 w solar panel to glass.

Suction cups to mount on to a vehicle’s window, when maintaining the battery, can be a handy addition.

To mention

  • Do not operate the charger where there is a restriction in ventilation. This is to allow for enough airflow to cut and dissipate heat and to diffuse gasses. Batteries emit gasses and the charge controller generates heat.

  • Attempts to disassemble or to do internal repairs will void the warranty.

  • Be sure to locate all power cords at a safe place out of the way.

  • The 5 w solar panel works well to maintain a battery, but not strong enough to charge a drained battery. 


The warranty from Deltran is good for a period of up to 10 years.

In a conclusion

The 5 w solar panel with built in controller is a great product for the money spent.

This can be one of your better purchases.

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