1watt solar panel: To be a handy tool

Coleman 1 Watt Solar Panel.

This 1 watt solar panel  makes life easier. It is the Coleman 1 W Battery Maintainer.

It maintains your 12v battery by making use of the energy from the sun.

This thin film panel can charge the batteries in various weather conditions. From minus 40 degrees to as high as 80 degrees Celsius.

It comes with crocodile clips for battery connection. Also an O-ring connector as well as a fuse..

Coming with it is an eight feet wire connection to the panel itself. As well as eight feet extra wire.

The 1 watt solar panel is a smart piece of equipment and it just keeps on trickle charging your 12-volt battery.

It always works, it never fails you. It is  a pleasure to know about such a life saver.

This 1-watt solar module specs


Maximum Power:

Operating Voltages:

Operating Currents:


12 Volt.






  • It has a 5-year warranty for power output from date of sale.
  • It also gives a 2 year warranty. That ensures  the product to be free from defects in materials as well as workmanship.


Maintain 12 volt  batteries of;





Tractors and more.


13.9 x 3.93 x 0.51inches.

How to use the module

Using alligator clips or O-rings to connect.

Use the battery clamps for 12-volt battery connection. Alternatively one can also use the O-rings to make the connection.

You can  place it on the dashboard or any other place that operates well.

With the output way below 15 watts we do not need a charge controller..

Using the 1 watt solar panel

The 1 watt solar module maintains 12  volt batteries.

Connect to operate as  trickle charger. Your battery will be charged and healthy and ready for use at any time.

You will have no problems.

If you plan to store a vehicle for a longer period use the solar battery maintainer. Expose this battery maintainer to good sunlight. Put it against a window to ensure that your battery can remain charged.

You will have a charged battery, even while the vehicle is indoors.

Use the 1-watt solar panel various applications.

It maintains the batteries of;

Automobiles, boats, cars,  motorcycles, energizers, tractors and many more.

Advantages associated with the 1 watt solar panel 

  • They use strong ABS plastic as well as and  tempered glass that is shatterproof.
  • It is compact, small and easy to store when transporting.
  • This 1-watt solar panel is waterproof. It charges in various weather conditions. Also on cloudy days. This amorphous solar panel works in clear and not so clear daylight conditions. It even works on cloudy days!
  • Connecting and disconnecting is easy.
  • By making use of a build in blocking diode, the 1-watt solar panel is overcharge and discharge protected.
  • It has a 5year warranty.
  • Installation is easy and it does not need any maintenance, except to keep it clean. A clean surface ensures largest output.


  • There is no LED that indicates that the 1 watt solar  panel operates . You have to use a volt meter to check.
  • An extended cable will cause a voltage drop. That could prevent proper trickle charging the battery. 

  • Remember this charger is enough to top up a battery, but it is not a battery charger. It is only a maintainer.

Important facts about the module

  • This is not a battery charger, it only maintains the battery.
  • To charge a battery you have to use a battery charger.
  • As long as the battery has a full charge it will maintain the battery and it will keep it charged. Also during long periods that you do not use your vehicle.
  • A controller is not necessary, because it has an output of only 1 watt.

            --- Below 15 watt you do not have to use a controller—

  • The 1 watt solar panel will never overcharge a twelve volt automobile battery.
  • When not in use pack and store it proper. One person caused damage to it when he left it lying loose in the glove box of his truck.
  • This 1 watt solar panel maintains all rechargeable 12V batteries.
  • It is best not to start or drive your vehicle while the unit makes a connection with any batteries.

   Maintaining the 1 watt solar panel

  •  Use a clean and damp cloth when cleaning the glass.

In conclusion

This 1 watt solar panel will always keep batteries ready for operation.

Use it for what it was intended, and it will work just fine...

This product is high quality @ a very reasonable price.

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