A 75 watt solar panel that is high a performer 

This 75 watt solar panel from Siemens is a rigid and strong module. They call it the SP75, 75 Watt Monocrystalline 12V Solar Panel from Siemens.

It is a high-efficiency solar module.

High-efficiency 75 Watt Solar Panel

The 75 watt solar panel comes with built-in by-pass diodes. This is to stabilize system performance during partial shading conditions.

It does not have a controller or z-brackets for mounting.

The 75 watt solar panel comes with FM certification which makes it ideal for off-grid applications.

FM certification confirms that the SP75 solar module conforms to a high standard of safety.

They use a heavy-duty corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum frame. This ensures a safe and stable performance during harsh weather conditions. 

You can run these solar panels for decades. The modules will operate faultless. 

With a possible loss of 15% you can get an output of 440 watt during a 7 hour day in mid summer.

Specifications for the 75 Watt Solar Panel 


Max Power:                                                                                75W.

Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc):                                                      21.7V.

Optimum Operating Volts (Vmp):                                                 17V.

Optimum Operating Amp (Imp):                                            4.4Amp.

Short-Circuit Amp (Isc):                                                         4.8Amp.


Dimensions of 75 Watt Solar Panel.

Weight:                                                                  7.6kg(16.7lbs)

Dimensions:                              1200mm x 527mm x 34mm

                                                              (47.25" x 20.75" x 1.25")


The 75 watt module has a limited warranty for 25 years on power output.







Any other situation where you need to keep a 12-volt battery charged up and ready for use.


  • The high transmission tempered glass can handle hail up to one inch in diameter. This is hail travelling at terminal velocity. 

  • The FM certified Solar Panels are ideal for off-grid applications.

  • The well-manufactured anodized aluminum frame provides for high-quality panel rigidity. It also holds up to salt mist.

  • These Monocrystalline solar cells are compact and of an ultra-efficient design.

  • The 75 watt solar panel is waterproof.

  • The tempered glass is ultra-clear. This gives the largest protection against wind and hail. The tempered glass also provides excellent light transmission.

  • The manufacturer uses 36 PowerMax single crystalline solar cells. This is to ensure high performance even under low light conditions.

  • They treat the cell surfaces with a Texture Optimized Pyramidal Surface (TOPS) process. This ensures the generation of more energy from available light conditions.

  • It is possible to field reconfigure the module for 6 volts.

  • The aluminum frame is lightweight. It has pre-drilled holes for easy installation.

  Disadvantages of the 75 watt solar panel

Some people complain that they do not get the greatest output when using the panels. We must remember though that ideal condition is mid-summer. Also when the sun shines perpendicular to the panel.

The real output varies depending on where you stay and what season it is.

If you want to angle it, you will have to mount brackets on the short length. You have to drill holes yourself then, but it is quite an easy job. Be very careful when drilling, though.

To mention

  • You have to use a charge controller when charging a 12-volt battery with the 75 Watt solar panel.

  • These  SP75, 75 Watt Monocrystalline 12V Solar Panels from Siemens are well built. and can withstand very strong winds and heavy snowfalls.

  • The panels are very well manufactured and they also look good.

  • We should remember never to step on the panel and always handle with care.

  • Leave ample space between panel and surface. This is to avoid overheating.

How to maintain the Sp 75 solar module from Siemens

Clean panels for high efficiency.

For a good working condition the cables must be maintained proper. 

Use a damp cloth to clean the surface regularly to prevent a drop in efficiency. 

It is better to get a professional to do other maintenance functions. 

In conclusion

The 75 watt solar panel has an excellent watt/dollar value.

The solar module from Siemens produces a usable output and it comes with a safe and stable design.

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