The 150w solar panel is a Monocrystalline module that performs very well

150W solar panel150W solar panel.

The 150w solar panel comes with an efficiency of 18.6%. These rigid and very strong solar modules are from GmbH.

Phaesun GmbH is a German company. Their headquarters are in Memmingen Germany with their manufacturing facility in China. They manufacture high quality off and on-grid solar modules.

They call the module the Phaesun Sun Pearl 150 12V 150w solar panel.

The manufacturer of this 150w solar module makes use of shingle cell technology.

For each panel, they use some strings. They connect the strings in parallel. Each string now generates full module voltage.

Despite the shading of single cells the solar panel still generates a full voltage. This is because of the parallel connection.

The solar module has a homogeneous appearance with its dark Monocrystalline cells. This is because they do not use surface cell connectors, also known as bus bars.

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90 cm Cable90 cm Cable.

The 150w solar panel comes with a 90 cm cable that is 4mm thick.

It is IP65 rated ensuring better performance during harsh weather conditions. 

The output of the 150w solar panel

When it is mid-summer on a hot sunny day with seven hours sunshine, you can bargain for the generation of about 890 watts.

Multiply 7 x 150 watt = 1050 watt.

Consider 15% loss and you get 1050 X 85/100 = 892.5Watt

Ignore 2.5, now you have 890 watt.

The 150w solar panel specifications


Power:                                                                                                                         150 watt.

Nominal current:                                                                                                           8.6 A.

Nominal voltage:                                                                                                              12 V.

Open circuit voltage:                                                                                                   22.5 V.

Short-circuit current:                                                                                                     8.6 A.

Voltage (max):                                                                                                                 18.2 V.

Maximum Operating Temperature:                                                      +85 °C, +185°F.

Minimum Operating Temperature:                                                         –40 °C, –40 °F.


Dimension:                                                                                        1031 x 785 x 35 mm.

Weight:                                                                                                                                9.0kg.


Perfect for mobile applications for charging batteries;

 Also to charge 12 to 48 VDC batteries for off-grid remote systems.

Maintenance of the 150w solar panel

  • Inspect the module at least once a year. This is to ensure safe electrical and mechanical connections. Also to ensure that the panel is corrosion-free.

  • Clean the surface with a damp soft cloth or sponge. Remove fingerprints and other objects with a standard glass cleaner.

  • Do not use harsh cleaning materials to clean the surface. It can cause damage and it will invalidate the warrant of the 150w solar panel.


  • With the shingle cell technology, they connect the strings in parallel. With the shading of individual cells, the module still gives an output.

  • The 150w solar panel comes with a strong black anti-corrosive aluminum frame.

  • The modules come with high efficiency and performance. It gives a high output even under low light conditions.

  • The module is aerodynamic, small, and lightweight and it comes without sharp edges.

  • There is strict quality control during the production process. This is to ensure high-quality standards.

  • They manufacture the solar panel with tempered glass to ensure greater transparency.

  • It comes with bypass diodes to prevent back leakage and the solar panel is IP 65 rated.

  • Pre-drilled holes ensure easy mounting of the 150w solar panel.

To Mention

  • Remember to cover all modules in the PV array with a cloth or other material before  making or breaking electrical connections.

  • We must not stand on, drop, scratch, or allow objects to fall on the solar panel.

  • One should not install or handle the modules when they are wet or during periods of high wind.

  • It is important to provide adequate ventilation. This is beneath the 150w solar panel and the surface. This is to allow air to circulate behind the module.

  • Do not mount the solar module at a site where it is subject to direct contact with saltwater.

  • Always mount the solar panel in such a way to prevent water from entering the junction box.


The solar module comes with a limited warranty of 2 years on materials and workmanship.

At the standard test conditions the power rating will be 90% or more. This is for a period of at least 10 years.

In a conclusion

The 150w solar panel solar panel is precision made and with high-quality materials. It produces high wattage per square meter.

 If you purchase a product through a link on this page, I do get a small   percentage  of commission at no extra cost to you.

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