The 1000 Watt Solar Panel to be used during sunny days

The 1000 Watt Solar Panel from ECO-WORTHY  to be used for big money savings especially when the skies are clear.

These high-efficiency silicon solar cells ensure high performance of solar modules. It creates the greatest power output. 

The system also performs very well under low light, shady and cloudy conditions.

The system has the capability of withstanding heavy snowfalls and strong wind loads.

The 960  Watts 24   Volts Monocrystalline solar   panel has a wide variety of   applications.  

It is a complete 24 volts off-grid solar power kit.

Use it for charging a 24 volts battery bank and many DC/AC appliances. 

The 1000 watt solar panel kit comes  with; 

Eight pieces of Monocrystalline 120 watt solar panels. It can deliver 960 Watt peak output per hour.

60A PWM Solar Controller.

5M 12AWG Extension Cable with 1 x MC4 connector. 

Three pair Y MC4 Connectors.

Z Mounting Bracket x 8.

An optional 3000W 24V-110/220V Pure Sine Wave Inverter.

With the eight 120  watt solar panels, you get about 960 Watts of power during peak time.

It is 120 watt X 8 panels X 6 hours of sunshine = 5760 Watt. 

Take losses and non-peak performance into consideration and you can still get a fair 5 Kilo Watt per day. 

This is a large amount of cheap electricity for many years ahead.

1000 Watt Solar Panel Specs per 120 Watt Module


Maximum Power:120W.

Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc):                                                                              21.6V.

Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp):                                                                 17.3V.

Optimum Operating Current (Imp):                                                                  6.67A.

Short-Circuit Current (Isc):                                                                               7.72A.

Temperature Range:                                                                            -40℃ to +80℃.


Weight:                                                                                                    22lbs( 9.8kg.)

Dimensions:                                                       996 X 665 X 35mm.(39.2" X 26.2" X 1.4").


  • There is a 25-year transferable output guarantee on the solar panels.
  • It guarantees 5 years of a 95% efficiency rate.
  • For 5 to10 years, it guarantees a 90% efficiency rate and from 10 to 25 years an 80% efficiency rate.





                                    Drycamp and many more off-grid applications.

The junction box.

Operating the 1000 watt solar panels

To make the 180 watt solar panels  fully operational we need  a charge controller, battery and an inverter.

The charge controller comes with the module.

Size the battery by dividing the total watt by volts.

This is 960 watt x 6 hours sunlight ( Depending on your area.) X .85 for losses/ 12 volt x 2 for DOD.(Depth of discharge not more than 50%.)

150 Ah battery150 Ah battery.

This is 960 x 6 x .85 / 12 x 2 =  816 Amp Hours .

A 900 Ah battery bank will be a good choice. 

There is an optional 3000 watt inverter available to include in the 1000 watt solar panel kit.

The junction box

The IP 65 rated junction box is waterproof. It comes with 2 pre-installed by-pass diodes.

This is to cut power drop caused by low light conditions. It is is also to ensure excellent performance in low light environment.

It comes with two 12AWG 35 inches long cables.

The Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum Frame

The Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum Frame.

The panels come with heavy-duty aluminum frames.

It uses low iron high transparency tempered glass of 3.22 mm thick.

Low iron glass allows higher light transmission as well as high transparency. 

The frames can can withstand high wind (2400Pa) and snow loads (5400Pa).

The 60 Amp charge controller

 The 1000 watt solar panel uses a 60 Ampere Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Charge controller. 

The condition of the battery determines how the current tapers from the solar panels.

The PWM algorithm reduces the charging of the battery. 

This is when it reaches the regulation set point. 

This is to avoid heating and gassing of the battery.

Charging will still continue to ensure the provision of the largest amount of energy in a short time.

The 60 Amp charge controller Specs

Maximum Charging Current:                                                                                  60A.

Maximum Loading Current:                                                                                    60A.

Rated Voltage:                                                                                             12V/24V/48V.

Temperature Compensation:                                                          -4.7mv/cell• °C.

Floating Charge Voltage:                                                             13.8V/27.6V/40.4V.

Cut-off Voltage of Discharge:                                                         10.5V/21V/31.5V.

Discharge Recovery Voltage:                                                          12.5V/25V/37.5V.

Self-consume:                                                                                                  <10mA.

Operating temperature:                                                                          -35℃~+75℃.

Weight:                                                                                                  1Lbs(0.45kg).

Size:                                                              7.72” x 3.23” x 1.5”(196 x 82 x 38mm).

5M 12AWG Extension Cable with 1 x MC4 connector. 

For use outdoors, explosive areas, industrial, commercial applications.

 Setting it up is quick and easy.

The Y MC4 Connectors

Use the Y MC4 Branch Connectors  for parallel wiring of the solar panels (PV modules). 

All materials are UL Listed. Compatible with solar connector.

Simple and quick installation.  

Solar panel mounting brackets for the 1000 watt solar panel kit

Z-Type Brackets.

The system comes with eight sets of Z-brackets.

The brackets make mounting of the panels easy, safe and secure.

They use aluminum alloy bracket and stainless steel M6 Screw. It is strong enough to support any size of solar panel.


  •  The system is versatile and you can use it for a variety of applications.

  • This works ideally for large off-grid systems such as remote cabins and farmhouses.

  • It can operate with off-grid residential and commercial rooftop systems.

  • The solar panel mounting brackets make it easy to install.

  • The pre-drilled holes on the back of panels ensure fast mounting and securing.
  • They pre-install by-pass diodes in a waterproof IP-65 rated junction box. This ensures much better performance.

  • It minimizes power drop caused by shade and ensures excellent performance. Even in low-light and shady conditions.

  • The aluminum frames are corrosion-resistant.

  • The frames can withstand high winds (2400Pa) and snow loads (5400Pa).

  • This is one of the most affordable 1000 watt solar panel kits on the market.


  • It seems well built. The only problem is the instructions very hard to read. 

  • The charge controller is very  small,  but that is not always an indicator of quality.
  • Some users may prefer an MPPT solar charge controller.  The included charge controller is adequate though.

Maintaining the solar module

The only maintenance that you as a user have to do is making sure the cables are not damaged. This is to ensure a good working condition. 

Cleaning the surface of the a solar panel is also very important. Use a damp cloth to perform this duty. 

A dirty panel leads to a big drop in efficiency. 

A professional person must perform all other maintenance functions. 

Something to mention

This system is worth the money.  Consider it as a good safe investment for years ahead.

The frame is sturdy and it makes one believe that it will last as long as the manufacturer says.

 Some people would like the manufacturers to also include an inverter.

To conclude

Manufacturing of the 1000 watt solar panel system is high standard. It is well built and easy to install.

 If you purchase a product through a link on this page, I do get a small   percentage  of commission at no extra cost to you.

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