A 10 Watt solar panel that ensures many operating hours

10 Watt Solar Panel

The 10 Watt Solar Panel is from Eco-Worthy and maintains your 12-volt battery. Use it for  many applications without any hick ups.

It provides for a fully loaded battery.

The 10 Watt solar kit also comes with a 3 amp PWM (pulse width modulation) charger.

The controller prevents the battery from damages due to overcharging or surges. 

The portable 10 watt panel cells come with an efficiency of 17%.

The 10 watt solar panel kit comes with; 

Back of Panel

One polycrystalline 10W Solar Panel with 39 inches MC4 solar cable at the back. As well as a waterproof junction box.

Handy drain holes at the back ensure rainwater drains away easy.

One 3 amp PWM (pulse width modulation) charge controller.

78 Inch extension cable with insulated alligator clips for connecting to the battery.

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How does the 10 Watt Solar Panel Work?

The ECO-WORTHY 10W 12V  solar panel is portable & waterproof. The polycrystalline solar panel can generate cheap electricity.

Turn to the sun and it will produce power.

10 Watt Solar Panel Specifications


Maximum Outr:                                   10W (for 3-5Ah battery) 

Open-Circuit Volts (Voc):                    20.6V 

Optimum Operating Volts (Vmp):          17.3V 

Optimum Operating Amps (Imp):             0.58A 

Short-Circuit Amps (Isc):                               0.69A


Dimensions                             337x204x18 mm (13.3*8.06*0.72inch)

Weight                                     0.85kgs (1.88lbs)

Frame:                                     Heavy duty aluminum


A water-proof solar panel with a long-lasting aluminum frame provides over 20 years of lifespan.

Power guarantee of 90% within 10 years and 80% within 25 years.


You can use the 10 watt solar panel to maintain the charge on 12-volt batteries.



Gate opener,

Boat battery,

Winch battery,



Motor home


 back-up and more. 

Charge controller ensures that your battery always charges correct and safe.

When Connecting

Connect the 3 Amp controller to the battery. Then you connect the controller to the 10 watt solar panel. Then connect the controller to the load.

When Disconnecting

Disconnect the load from the charge controller. Then you disconnect the solar panel and the controller. Then the charge controller and the battery.


  • The 10 watt solar panel produces  well when there are shady conditions. 

  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum frame for extended outdoor use.

  • It comes with handy drain holes at the back. This is to ensure rainwater drains away without causing any damage.
Sturdy Frame
  • The panels can withstand high winds up to 2400Pa as well as snow loads up to 5400Pa.

  • The solar modules come with a TPT back sheet and a  tempered glass front. This is to ensure the greatest protection against bad  weather.

  • This junction box is waterproof. A built-in diode prevents the discharge of batteries under no-load conditions.


It comes with a very basic charge controller. Also the controller is not damp resistant.

Maintaining the 10 watt solar panel 

Keep clean for high efficiency.

See to it that the cables are not damaged. This is to have good working conditions.

Clean surface with a clean, soft and damp cloth to maintain high sufficiency.

All other maintenance should be done by professional persons..

A conclusion

The 10 watt solar panel will top up your battery during all seasons with free solar energy.

The module is portable, low maintenance and lightweight.

 If you purchase a product through a link on this page, I do get a small   percentage  of commission at no extra cost to you.

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