An 80 watts solar panel that maintains batteries and can do many other functions

Complete 80W Solar Panel

The 80-watts solar panel has a built  controller, and it is ready for battery  charging, and also to use as a solar generator.

Acopower distributes The portable solar panel is from . It exists of  2 x  40 watt solar modules. This suitcase kit has an own handle.. It is easy to carry, to set up and to transport.

This 80 watts solar panel kit exists of 2 X 40 Watt solar panels and also  MC4 connector cables that are removable.

Included are;

A user indications.

Battery connectors with leads.

Also a 10 Ampere charge controller.

Suitcase when folded.

The 80 watts solar panel weighs 6.1 lbs. 

It is an o.8 inch thick and has a size of 22 X 43.3 inches when open and 22 X 17.3 inches when folded. 

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The Charger of the 80 watts solar panel

It has  a 10 ampere charger. 

The charger  protects the batteries.   It will operate safely during surges and overcharge.

You use use a controller when charging 12V batteries.

Specs of the 80 watts Solar Panel 


Maximum Watts:

Open Circuit Voltage (Voc):

Optimum Volts (Vmp):

Optimum Operating Ampere (Imp):

Short-Circuit Amps (Isc):









When Folded:

Warranty for the 80 watts solar panel

  • The solar panel has an 18-months warranty for workmanship.  There is also a  25-year 85%  warranty for output.
  • The controller has a  with a  one year warranty.


The 80 watts solar panel is multi-functional.

Use for;







Also for greenhouse solar panel system, solar pump watering system etc.


22 x 43.3 x 0.8 inches.

22 x 17.3 inches.

Operating the 80 watts module

  • Find an area without obstacles blocking the sun.
  • Unfolding the two panels. Let it face the sun and adjust the panels to get greatest sunlight. 
  • Remember when connecting;  Battery to the charge Controller to battery, 2nd load and last the panel. 
  • When disconnecting the 80 watts solar panel;  Disconnect the module, the load and last the battery. 
  • Be sure  to read safety precautions before using.
  • Avoid sharp objects that can damage the module. 
  • Be certain battery  connections are proper. 
  • Avoid obstacles covering the 80 Watts solar panel. 

80 Watts Solar Panel Advantages

  • It is possible to get this 80 watts solar panel  operating within one minute. 
  • The solar panel has a conversion efficiency up to 23.5%.
  • The module comes with salt corrosion and humidity resistance.
  • The panel can last for years during extended outdoor usage.
  • With the built-in stand adjusting for max sunlight becomes easy.
  •  Acopower does deliver a superior customer service. 

Not so positive facts

  • It is necessary to protect the electronics in the solar cell from the rain.
  • The controller itself is not water resistant. Keep it dry and away from rainy conditions at all times.

Positive facts to mention

  • This 80W module is not heavy. Carrying is easy and to set it up is simple.  Output is high and the built-in  controller comes in handy.
  • The  MC4 connectors  and crocodile clips are handy. The  USB ports add up to making it convenient and easy to use the solar module.
  • It has a clean and neat design. The panels are also flexible and sturdy. 


Clean the surface with a soft brush when it becomes dirty. Then use a damp cloth to remove remaining dirt and dust.

In a conclusion

The price of the 80 watts solar panel is reasonable, and you get a system with high efficiency.

It delivers a most favourable output.

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