A 300 watt solar panel that is a high performer  

300 Watt Solar Panel with Junction Box

This 300 watt solar panel is a efficient. Renogy manufactures these rigid and strong solar modules.

The Mono Module works for 24/48V systems.

They manufacture it with diodes installed in the junction box. Also one pair 2.98 feet MC4 cables attached to the solar module.

MC4 Connectors

It uses IP67 Rated MC4 connectors. The connectors are damp-proof and weatherproof.

It does not come with a charge controller or brackets to mount with.

It comes with an efficiency 18.44% and the color is black.

The panels come with high-performance cells encapsulated in EVA. 

EVA Film

The heavy-duty aluminum frames provide for strong rigid panels.

One can use these solar panels for many years. You will experience no faults, defects or operating failures.

300 Watt Solar Panel Specs


Max Power:                                                                                                      300 Watt.

Open-Circuit Volts (Voc):                                                                                   38.8V.

Optimum Operating Volts (Vmp):                                                                  32.2V.

Optimum Operating Amp (Imp):                                                                   9.32A.

Short-Circuit Amp (Isc):                                                                                   9.71A.


Weight:                                                                                               41.3 lbs.(18.7kg).

Dimensions:                                       64.57x39.06x1.57 inch (1640x992x40mm).

Operating Temperature:                                                               -40 °C to +90 °C.


25-year power output warranty;

5 Year/95% efficiency rate.

10 Year/90% efficiency rate.

25 Year/80% efficiency rate.

10 Year material and workmanship warranty.


Ground mount compatible

Residential and commercial rooftop systems



Work sheds






The junction box

The IP67 rated junction box provides protection against damp and other harsh weather conditions.

There are three pre-installed diodes in the junction box.

The diodes are in parallel with the PV string cells. In the case of partial shading the diodes become active.

These diodes bypass the current from the non-shaded cells. This limits module heating and performance losses.

Charge Controller

The 300 watt solar panel comes without a charge controller.

The panel produces DC voltage. For charging of batteries you require a charge controllerIt acts as a voltage regulator. This is to protect the batteries against overloading and surges.

It is important to match the panel output with the controller you want to use.

It is necessary to use an an inverter for changing direct current to alternating current.

Maintaining the 300 watt solar panel


To keep the system in good working condition always see that all cables are undamaged.

You have to clean the surface of the 300 watt solar panel with water using a soft cloth or sponge.

Use water and a soft sponge or cloth to clean. To remove stubborn dirt you can use a cleaning agent.

This is to prevent a drop in efficiency.

Other functions to maintain the solar panels should be done by a professional.


  • The multi-layered sheet laminations improve cell performance. It provides for long operational life.

  • It has diodes in the junction box installed for safety purposes.
Solid Frame
  • The solid frame comes with already drilled holes.

  • The leads are good conductors with connectors fitting MC4 connectors.

  • This 300 watt solar panel produces a fair amount of wattages. Even when the sun is partially blocked.

  • It resists  wind storms (Up to 2400 Pa) and heavy loads of hail and snow.(Up to 5400 Pa.)


These panels are quite large and heavy. It can be hard for the delivery person to handle them with utmost care.

Unpack and get out of the box on arrival for a quick inspection.

To mention

  • The panels look very good and come well made.

  • It operates even with partial shading.

  • It can withstand wind and rain; you do not have to worry about harsh weather conditions.

  • Be careful not to step on to the 300 watt solar panel.
  • When mounting leave enough room between the solar panel and surface you mount it upon. This is to prevent overheating.

  • See to it that the small drainage holes on the module are always open.

In a Conclusion

The 300 watt solar panel works great. It is real value for money and Renogy offers support that is more than satisfactory.

The module produces usable power. Even during bad weather conditions you still get reasonable output.

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