A 25 Watt solar panel for charging batteries

25 Watt solar panel25 Watt solar panel.

This 25 Watt solar panel is a handy for generating electricity. It can be utilized for various appliances. 

The 25 Watt module is from Acopower.  Acopower is a well known and respectable company. It delivers  after sales service of quality. The 25 Watt solar panel is a handy piece of equipment to generate electricity. 

This is a 12 volt polycrystalline solar panel and meant for residential purposes.

The panel has a junction box that is prewired and mounted junction at the rear. The box comes weather sealed. It also comes with power wiring leads. Also, handy MC4 connectors designed for trouble-free outdoor use.

The attached cables are 1M (39 inches) long.

They Manufacture the panels in the U S A.

Specifications for the 25 watt solar panel 


Maximum Watt:

Maximum System Volts:

Open-Circuit Volts (Voc):

Optimum Operating Volt (Vmp):

Optimum Operating amperes (Imp):

Short-Circuit amperes (Isc):


1000V DC (UL).









  • The panel comes with a 5 years workshop warranty as well as a 20 years output warranty.

It can operate trouble free for many years to come.


Use it for several off-grid applications;


Small households.

Caravan, RV. 

Cars, Boats.

Green House Solar Systems.

Street lights.

Portable solar systems.

3.2 kg.

20.1 x 14.2 x 0.8 inches.

How does the 25 watt solar panel work?

The ACOPOWER 25 watt  Polycrystalline  module is meant for charging of smaller 12 volt batteries and for smaller appliances. Turn the surface to the sun and it operates.

The panel produces DC voltage. To use it for AC an inverter is necessary. Use a charge controller when charging a battery.

The panel output must be matched with the controller you use.

Six hours of sunshine per day gives you  6 x 25 = 150 watts per day.

If you have to charge a 48 amp hour car battery that drains to 50% you will need 12 x 48/2 = 576/2 = 288 watts. The 25 watt solar panel will need two sunny days to charge a small car battery.

Advantages associated with the solar module.

  • The 25 watt module is of high quality with excellent cost per watt rating.
  • It works well with MPPT solar charge controllers.
  • These panels are compact and strong. It is easy to set them up.
Lightweight Anodized Aluminum Frame.Frame.
  • The Aluminum Frame is lightweight Anodized
  • The durable frame withstands high wind (2400Pa) and heavy mass of snow(5400Pa).
  • The non corrosive frame can be used outdoors use for a high number of years.
  • There are no sharp edges on the frame that could hurt you. 
IP-65 rated junction box.
  • The panel comes with safety glass and a junction box that is IP-65 rated and waterproof.
  • This box protects against rough weather conditions.


Some of the “not so hands-on” people suggested an easier way to mount the panel. They suggested a hook or type of mounting bar for easier mounting.

Mentioning some facts

Rough handling with transport or installation may break the solar panel, and void the warranty.

The package does not include a mounting bracket.

A good idea from one buyer was the installation of a carry handle on one side of the frame for the convenience of carrying... 

Securely PackedPacked.
PortableD.I.Y. Portable
Safely MountedMounted.

In a conclusion

The 25 watt solar panel is solid and well constructed. It has a fantastic warranty backing it.

The panels are efficient and deliver the rated voltage and current.

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