The 100w solar panel to be used off-grid

The 100W solar panel system is good to use for mobile applications. It is especially handy in situations where space and weight limitations cause problems.

We call it the  Renogy 100 watt Eclipse monocrystalline solar suitcase. It includes a Wanderer charge controller, making it a convenient and portable power solution.

The Suitcase comes with a carry handle and industrial standard latches.

The Suitcase

It is one small package but delivers ample power in a limited space situation.

Renogy offers two efficient Monocrystalline cells in this unit. It weighs only about 8 kilograms.

This is a perfect kit and you need no permanent mounting.

It uses pulse width modulation for battery charging. The solar suitcase supports 12-volt deep cycle batteries. 

How does the 100w solar panel suitcase work?

The lightweight suitcase includes the following

All Inclusive
  • Two 50 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panels.
  • A 30 Amp Adventurer Charge Controller is in use with an LCD Screen to regulate the power.  
  • A 10ft tray cable with alligator clips to ease battery connection.  
  • It uses a  temperature sensor as well as a battery voltage sensor.
  • The protective case ensures safe handling. It also makes it possible to carry the system easy and hassle-free. 

100w Solar Panel

2 x 50 Watt Solar Panels

The 100 watt solar panel suitcase combines two 50 watt Monocrystalline solar panels.  It also includes a 30 amp  Wanderer charge controller.

The result is an easy to use plug and play system, to use for several off-grid applications.

The black framing presents a clean look, and it can withstand high winds and heavy snow loads. The panels are completely waterproof.

The fold out legs allows for tilting angles to maximize peak wattage performance.

By making proper use of the tilting stands it is possible to use greatest power output.

30 Amp negative ground Adventurer charge controller

30 Amp Charge Controller

The LCD screen displays easy to read operating information when required.

The Adventurer charge controller provides protection against overload, short-circuit, overcharging and reverse polarity.

It is possible to use the controller can with flooded, gel and sealed batteries.

MC4 Connectors, tray cable and alligator clips

Alligator clips

The MC4 connectors connect the charge controller to the batteries. While the alligator clips make the connection to the battery. 

The 10 ft tray cable connects the battery and charge controller. 

How to use the 100w solar panel kit


Connecting the M4 connectors

Unlatch and unfold the unit, then connect the MC4 connectors.

Connect the battery alligator clips to your 12-volt battery. 

Ready to use

Unscrew the butterfly nut on the stand, tilt it to the desired angle and then lock the nut again.

Adjust the angle of the suitcase to track the sun's movement. 

You can maintain Peak wattage for a long period.


  • The eclipse solar cells can survive extreme weather conditions. Anti- corrosive aluminum frames house the panels.
  • The panels, hinges, and latches are well constructed.
  • The aluminum stand seems firm and it is corrosion-resistant.
  • The 100 watt Eclipse monocrystalline solar panel provides very high module conversion efficiency.
  • The system performs well in low light conditions.
  • A temperature sensor, a voltage sensor with an LCD display, ensure easy monitoring.
  • This is a low voltage system and no electric shock hazards exist.  


  • They give  a 25-year transferable output guarantee..
  • It has a five year warranty for  95% efficient operation.

  • It has a five to 10 year warranty for  90% efficient operation

  • and it has a10 - 25 five year warranty for  80% efficient operation.
  • There is also a  5-year material and workmanship warranty on the panels.


  • Do not allow water to enter the controller, because it is not water resistant. 
  • Some people want the fold out legs to be stronger.

Take Care

  • It is important to ensure that all connections going into and out of the controller are tight. Also, make sure that the wire is not damaged.
  • Mount the controller in a clean, dry and ventilated area.
  • Provide enough ventilation must when charging the batteries.  Dangerous explosive gasses can be present when you are charging the battery.

  • Clean the solar panels regular  for better performance.
  • Sweep and dust off the panel surface by making use of a soft brush.
  •  After sweeping it is best to use a wet cloth to wet the panel surface to remove dirt and grime that remained.

Something good to mention about the 100w solar panel kit

Something good to mention about the 100w solar panel kit.

The 100w solar panel system is lightweight and easy to transport. The system is quick to deploy.

The solar panel kit works well, individually or in parallel with another system or systems...

In a conclusion

Easy to Carry

If you do not have much space it can be a good idea to use the 100w solar panel suitcase.

It is lightweight and easy to fold up and carry. The power output is satisfactory and it fits into most off-grid situations.

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