The 70w solar panel can generate free electricity for many years

70W Solar Panel70W Solar Panel.

The 70W solar panel is another  high performer, and is distributed by NewPowa. 

This is the NEWPOWA 70W 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel. It is a High-Efficiency Mono Module.

The package does not include a charge controller or mounting hardware.

We can buy mounting brackets separately. (NPB-UZ, NPB-0103, NPB-100P).

This is a high-efficiency mono panel and it is black in color.

It has a pair of 3 feet MC4 cables attached to the junction box. Also male/female connectors.

The manufacturer uses high-performance cells that they encapsulate in EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate).

EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) is available in thin sheets. The manufacturers insert these thin sheets between the solar cells. Also between the module and the top surface. They also use it between the module and the back surface.

They use heavy-duty anodized aluminum frames for solar panels. That provides for high-quality panel rigidity.

One can use these solar panels for many years. You will experience no faults, defects, or operating failures. It will keep on generating free electricity for many years to come.

It comes with a superb warranty for up to 25 years.

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Output of the 70w solar module

On a sunny day with 7 hours of sunlight in mid-summer, you can bargain for the generation of about 415 watt.

That is 7 x 70 watt = 490 watt.

Now you allow for a loss of 15% and you get 490 X 85/100 = 416.5Watt

Ignore 1.5 and you get a fair 415 watt.

The 70w solar panel specifications


Max out (Pmax):                                                                                                                       70W.

Volt at Pmax (Vmp):                                                                                                             17.2V.

Ampere at Pmax (Imp):                                                                                                      4.07A.

Open-circuit volts (Voc):                                                                                                     21.6V.

Short-circuit ampere (Isc):                                                                                                4.52A.

Operating temperatures:                                                                                    -40°C to 85°C.

Max system voltage:                                                                                                    1000V DC.

Power tolerance:                                                                                   is plus and minus 3%.

70W Solar panel dimensions70W Solar panel dimensions.


Panel Dimension:        26.57 x 23.35 x 1.1 inches.

Item Weight:                                                 12.23 pounds.


Brings power to small appliances when not at the grid;

On the roof of a Jeep;

Fridge for camping;

Charge batteries;

Maintain batteries;

Charges a12 volt security camera 24/7;



 Gate opener;




 Off Grid System;

Many other small applications.

The Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum Frame

Frame with pre-drilled holesFrame with pre-drilled holes.
  • This is heavy-duty anodized and has pre-drilled holes. This is for easy mounting.

  • It has a rugged design, and withstands high winds (2400Pa), hail, and snow load(5400Pa).

  • They build the panel with high-transparent, low iron tempered glass.

  • A durable TPT back sheet is to dissipate heat. It ensures higher panel performance and a long panel life.


  • This 70w solar panel is a high conversion efficiency.

  • They use high-performance cells encapsulated in EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate).
Junction box with 3ft wireJunction box with 3ft wire.
  • The 3ft wires come pre-attached and  with MC4 connectors (M/F).
  • These wires are neatly coiled and attached to the durable junction box.
  • The connectors will fit to MC4 connectors. The wires are  conductors of quality.

  • The 70W solar panel produces very well. Also when cloudy or shady.

  • They include free shipping for all domestic orders in the USA.

  • An order ships within one to two days from the date of payment clearance.

Disadvantage of the 70w solar panel

You must mount brackets on the top side If  wanting to angle the panel.  

To drill holes is easy, but you must work carefully.

To Mention

  • They pack the 70w solar panel very well when delivering.

  • It is a large, sturdy panel with standard mc4 connectors for easy usage.

  • The 3ft solar cable is neatly coiled and pre-attached to the junction box.

  • The solar panel is well made and the finishing is close to perfect.


The 70w solar panel has with a two year restricted material and workmanship guarantee.

It comes with 10 year 90% output warranty, and also a 25 year 80% output warranty.

To conclude

This 70w solar panel produces a lot of power for its size, and it comes @ a good price.

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