The 30 w solar panel to do low amp charging 

30 W Solar Panel30 W Solar Panel.

The 30 w solar panel is for smaller battery charging and to do many off-grid functions. RICH SOLAR distributes these rigid and strong solar modules. 

They call it the RICH SOLAR 30 W 12 Volt Polycrystalline Solar Panel Module. It is a High-Efficiency Polycrystalline module.

The package does not include a charge controller or mounting hardware.

The efficiency of the mono panel is 13.4%.

It comes with an IP65 Rated waterproof junction box and a pair of 12AWG cables attached to the solar module. The cables are 24 inches long.

The manufacturer builds the 30 w solar panel with high-quality tempered glass. They also provide a strong aluminum frame. That provides for high-quality panel rigidity.

One can use these solar panels for many years. You will experience no faults, defects, or operating failures.

It comes with a superb warranty for up to 25 years.

On a sunny day with 7 hours of sunlight in mid-summer, you can bargain for the generation of about 178 Watt.

That is 7 x 30 watt = 210 Watt.

Now you allow for a loss of 15% and you get 210 X 85/100 = 178, 5 Watt

Ignore the 0, 5 and you get a fair 178 Watt.

With this, you can charge a car battery, but it will take very long. It will work better for low ampere systems or to trickle charge a car battery.

The 30 w solar panel specs


Maximum Power (Pmax):                                                                                                      30W.

Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp):                                                                                      18.2V.

Maximum Power Current (Imp):                                                                                       1.65A.

Open Circuit Voltage (Voc):                                                                                                 22.3V.

Short Circuit Current (Isc):                                                                                                  1.83A.

Maximum System Voltage (Vmax):                                                                             600VDC.

Power tolerance:                                                                                                              ± 3%.


Dimensions:                                                                                                   21.6 x 13.8 x 1 inch.

Weight:                                                                                                                                     5.3 lbs. 


A self-powered off-grid system;



Suitable for commercial and power station property;

The battery on a water tank monitoring system;

Use it for camping in the mountains or a trip to the beach;

Dry camp and many more;

One can also use it for courtyard lighting;

You can also use it for a garden watering system;

Then it is good for small household lighting systems and street lighting;

Portable solar power etc.

Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum FrameCorrosion-Resistant Aluminum Frame.

The Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum Frame

The sturdy aluminum frame protects the solar panel from high winds and heavy snow loads. As well as other harsh weather conditions

The 30 w solar panel comes with pre-drilled holes in the frame to ensure ease of installation. The holes are compatible with ground mounts, Z-brackets, pole mounts, and tilt mounts.

The module comes with high transmission anti-reflective tempered coated glass.

It comes with certification to withstand challenging environmental conditions.


  • The solar module comes with a 13.4% conversion efficiency. It provides excellent performance in low light conditions. The panels work well during cloudy days and still produce a satisfactory output.
IP65 rated waterproof junction box with built-in diodes and 24-inch cableIP65 rated waterproof junction box with built-in diodes and 24-inch cable.
  • IP65 rated waterproof junction box.

  • IP67 Rated waterproof MC4 connectors.

  • Excellent low light performance on cloudy days, mornings, and evenings.

  • Easy installation and handling for various applications.

  • Compatible with on-grid and off-grid inverters.

  • The panels are aesthetically pleasing and do not draw unnecessary attention.

  • The module comes with good solid and ready to use leads.

  • The 30 w solar modules are cost-effective.

  • The modules are compact and easy to set up, but with enough power.

Disadvantages of the 30 w solar panel

The only downside is there's no mounting hardware.

Also, you have to buy a charge controller for voltage regulation.

To Mention

Best is to not even let a single small shade hit the solar panel. It has a high negative impact.


The 30 w solar panel comes with 5 years of materials and workmanship warranty.

Also a 25 year’s 80% output power.

In a conclusion

The RICH SOLAR 30 w solar panel Polycrystalline Module is a good choice.

It can provide the type of performance that people want in their specific situation.

You can click here to buy a similar 30w solar panel.

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