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A solar panel kitA solar panel kit.

When buying a solar panel kit be sure you get what is necessary.

You do need a panel/s, a charge controller, batteries as well as an inverter. (For 110 or 220-volt AC.)

Today you get a wide range of Solar panel kits. The kits store custom energy in batteries for off-grid applications.

Also when no power is available from the grid or from solar panels during no light conditions. 

When we look at the components that make up a full solar power system we have to look at the following;

For off-grid we need

Solar panel/s. 

Charge controller. 


Inverter( If you want to go 110 or 220Volt.)

For a hybrid solar panel kit, we need

Solar Panels.

Hybrid Inverter. 


For a grid-tie kit, we need

Solar Panels. 

Grid-Tie Inverter.

For a proper solar panel kit, we also need the necessary solar cables. Also MC4 connectors, switches, and mounting brackets.

Some solar panel kits

Click here to go to the 12v solar panel kit.

Click here to go to the 50 watt solar panel kit.

Click here to go to the 70 watt solar panel kit.

Click for the Renogy 100 watt solar kit.

Click here to go to the 100w folding solar panel kit.

Some solar panel kits

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