Use the 160 watt solar panel  for renewable power

160 watt solar panel160-watt solar panel.

The 160 watt solar panel generates cheap solar energy. Use it for on-grid situations or to power your off-grid installation.

This is a versatile panel with endless system possibilities.

Features of the 160 watt solar panels

The panel comes with  holes that are pre-drilled at the back.

This is to ensure fast and secure mounting.

The modules are compatible with off-grid as well as on-grid inverters.

The panels come with two stranded, PV rated, output MC4 cables. The positive is a male connector and the negative is a female connector.

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Operating the 160-watt solar module

Making the 160 watt solar panel fully operational we need  a charge controller, inverter, as well as a battery.

You size the charge controller  Do this by dividing max watts per hour by the total volts.

This is 160/12 = 13.3 Amps

You can add a twenty five percent for safety and you get a 17 Amps charge controller.

A 20 Ampere charge controller is a good choice.

To size the battery you divide the total watt by volts.

That is 160 watt x 6 hours sunlight ( Remember it depends on your area you live in.) X .85 for losses/ 12 volt x 2 for DOD.

This is 160 x 6 x .85 / 12 x 2 =  136 Amp Hours .

A 160 Ah battery will be a good choice.

Size the inverter by deciding the max watts to be utilized at once.

The max output of the panel is 160 watt. 

Rule of thumb is to use an inverter 1.25 to 1.5 times more than max watts.

This is 160 x 1.5 = 240 watt

Now we can work with a 250 watt inverter. That makes the system good and flexible flexible.

Junction box of the 160 watt solar panel

The junction box is IP67 rated and waterproof.

It is durable and can last for many years. It gives complete protection against harsh weather conditions.

The junction box comes with  bypass diodes. Pre-installed by-pass diodes cut power drop caused by shade. This ensures excellent performance in low-light environments.   

The Frame

  • This has a frame that is durable and also corrosion resistant. This ensures   outdoor use for several decades. 
  • The frame is high quality with aluminum walls. Now the frame can withstand high-speed winds. Also heavy loads of snow and hail.

Maintaining the solar module

The only maintenance that you as a user have to do is making sure the cables are not damaged. This is to ensure a good working condition. 

Cleaning the surface of the a solar panel is also very important. Use a damp cloth to perform this duty. 

If necessary you can buy a proper solar cleaning liquid.

You can also buy a  a convenient solar brush for cleaning the surface of the panel.

A dirty panel leads to a big drop in efficiency. 

A professional person must perform all other maintenance functions. 


  • Cost per watt rating is excellent.
  • The quality built modules provide 160 watts on a sunny day.
  • Pre-drilled holes at the back of the panel allow for fast mounting. Pre-drilled holes are also included for easy grounding purposes.

The 160 watt solar panels are versatile

  • It is compatible with on-grid and off-grid inverters.
  • The panels are compatible for ground mounting. 
  • The panels are good for a variety of applications. Use for commercial as well as residential rooftop systems.

160 Watt Solar Panel Specs


Maximum Power:                                                                                160Watt.

Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc):                                                             22.3V

Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp):                                            18.2V

Optimum Operating Current (Imp):                                             8.79A

Short-Circuit Current (Isc):                                                               9.72A


Weight:                                                                                                 25.5 lbs.

Dimensions:                                                      8.3 x 26.2 x 1.38 inches.


  • There is a 25 years 80% output power.
  • It includes a 5-year material and workmanship warranty on the panels.
  • One  year for materials for accessories.


The 160  watt solar panel is multi-functional. It runs interior lights, charge laptops and handheld devices. It also runs fridges and fans.

It works for RVs, trucks, campers, and boats.

Things to care about

You have to keep the connectors clean and dry. Before connecting the modules you have to seal the caps.

Use Z-brackets to mount the 160 watt solar panel. That will allow for enough airflow between panel and surface. once mounted. This prevents panel for getting to hot which can lead to reduced output.

To prevent further heat built up you can mount it on a white back ground.

You can buy a set of Z- brackets if you need to.

While  working  on the system, keep it covered. This prevents the generation of electricity. 

All electrical contacts should be  clean and dry.

Take care not to use sharp instruments on the modules. The back sheet is very sensitive.

Avoid trees, buildings, or any other obstructions when installing the modules.

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