120 Watt foldable solar panel comes with a controller

120 Watt Foldable Solar Panel120 Watt Foldable Solar Panel

The 120 Watt foldable solar panel with a controller is ready for battery charging. Also to use as a solar generator.

One can also use it as a battery maintainer to prevent batteries from the complete drainage.

Acopower supplies the Monocrystalline portable solar module. It exists of three 40 watt solar panels. This is a suitcase kit with an own handle to carry, it is portable, quick to set up and easy to transport.

The Monocrystalline cells are from Sunpower. It comes with a high conversion efficiency of up to 25%.

The 120 Watt foldable solar panel kit contains 3 X 40 Watt solar modules.

The three panels fold together and they use Velcro tabs to hold them in position.

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120 Watt foldable solar panel kit120 Watt foldable solar panel kit.

It also comes with a;

User manual.

Alligator clamps.


MC4 connectors.

A 10 Ampere charge controller. With LCD.

A fuse.

Stands, as well as a suitcase with a handle and a pocket. 

The portable solar module weighs 3.8kg (8.4lbs).

It is o.2 inch thick and has a size of 56.7 X 22 inches when open. When folded it is 0.8 inch thick and has a size of 22 X 17.3 inches.

The 120 watt foldable solar panel specs


Maximum power:(Pmax)                                                                                             120W.

Voltage at Pmax (Vmp):                                                                                              20.88V.

Current at Pmax (Imp):                                                                                                5.97A.

Open-circuit voltage (Voc):                                                                                       26.64V.

Short-circuit current (Isc):                                                                                          6.32A.

Operating temperature:                                                                               -40°C to 85°C.

Power tolerance:                                                                                                              ± 3%.




Open;            56.7inch x 22inch x 0.2inch.

                       (1440mm x 560mm x 4mm.)

Folded;         22inch×17.3 inch×0.08inch.


                         560mm x 440mm x 20mm.)

Weight:                                    3.8kg / 8.4lbs.


Charge your car battery, marine boat battery as well other 12V portable lead acid batteries;

It could charge your solar generator, aka battery inverter or portable AC outlet power supply;

It can work either as a solar panel or a solar panel kit;

Use for RV with an Acopower Fur-rion RV Adapter.

The Charge Controller

This solar panel module comes with a 10A pre-installed solar charge controller. This is a PWM (pulse width modulation) controller.

This charge controller protects the batteries against unsafe electrical conditions. It will be safe during surges and overcharge.

You have to use the controller when charging 12V batteries. Use the alligator clips.

To charge a solar generator with a built-in charge controller you can use the MC4 connectors. Plug them into the cables provided with your solar charge controller and charge.

10 Amp PWM Charge Controller10 Amp PWM Charge Controller.

It is possible to charge a solar generator and a 12V battery at the same time.

The controller also comes with 2 x 5 volts 2.4 ampere USB ports for small devices.

The charge controller and the USB port will only respond once you connect it to a battery.

Acopower sells 20 feet long 14AWG extension cable. This is to use before the charge controller if needed.

Order of connection

Remember we should always connect the battery first. Then the load and last the 120 watt foldable solar panel.

When disconnecting us do it panel, load, and last the battery.

Stats of the 10Ampere PWM charge controller

Working voltage:                                                                                                           12Volt.

Working current:                                                                                                      10 Amps.

USB Output Ports                                                                                         5Volt/2.4Amp.     

Working Mode:                                                                                              PWM Charging.

Weight:                                                                                                                            0.18 Kg.

IP Rating:                                                                                             No,  not waterproof.

How to operate the 120 watt foldable solar panel

The pre-installed wires and stands allow for easy and quick set up...

Locate a sunlit area. Be sure it is a spot without any obstacles blocking the sun.

Now it is a matter of unfolding the three panels and faces it towards the sun. It will immediately start producing an output.

It is best to adjust the solar panels to realize max sunlight for as long as possible during the day. That will ensure the most power output. Use the kickstands for proper directing.

Always connect the positive and negative leads according to the prescribed polarity.

Remember to read all the safety precautions. Then you put the 120 watt foldable solar panel into operation.

A proper battery clip connection will prevent short circuits.

Be aware that anything that covers the surface of the 120 watt solar module can reduce the output power.

Cleaning of the 120 watt foldable solar panel surface

Clean to be efficientClean to be efficient.
  • Remove anything that covers the surface of the solar cells.

  • Sometimes dust and dirt can cover the surface of the solar panels. This can have a large decrease in efficiency and reduced performance.

  • Clean the surface with a soft brush. Then use a damp clean soft cloth to remove remaining dust and dirt. 


  • The fabric and cell surface is waterproof for outdoor usage.

  • The manufacturer uses Velcro design to keep the panels closed up.

  • With the 3 standing legs and pre-installed wires setting up and directing for max power output, is quick and easy.

  • The case includes a handy pocket to hold accessories.

  • High conversion efficiency.

  • The 120 Watt foldable solar panel is light, compact, easy to handle and easy to carry.

  • The charge controller comes with a LED display that is informative and easy to read.

  • The material of the carry bag is strong. The manufacturer does a good job of providing a handy article that can last for a long time.


  • Some people would like the Velcro flap in the storage pocket to be bigger. Once packed it seems too small to close.
  • It is imperative that we keep the controller completely dry. It is not waterproof.

Some facts to mention about the 120 watt foldable solar panel

The alligator battery terminal clips, MC4 connections, and multiple USB charge ports make the kit flexible and easy to use...

Acopower delivers superior customer service.

On a windy day, it is a good idea to put rocks or other weights on the supports to hold steady.

The panels are flexible and seem sturdy.


The solar panel itself comes with an 18-months workmanship warranty. As well as a 25-year 85% output warranty

The controller comes with a 1-year warranty.

To conclude

The 120 watt foldable solar panel is easy to use, it is sturdy and it comes with high conversion efficiency.

A solar module from Acopower that is worth the money.

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