The 500 Watt Solar Panel is to be used during sunny days

2 X 250 Watt2 X 250 Watt.

The 500 Watt Solar Panel is to be used as a big money saver. This is a ready-made solar module kit.

Two 250 watt polycrystalline solar panels are used to deliver an output of 500 Watt.  

Two grid tie micro inverters are included. These are true sine wave inverters.

It is a DIY system that is pre wired and the panels are easy to attach to your back yard, patio, roof or fence.

Alternatively, you can use it as a standalone system where you can erect it and let it face the sun by using two legs that you connect to the base of the panel rack. 

Do it as follow

Firstly, you  attach both legs to the base of the rack.

Attach the inverters to the legs.

Then you attach the ground wire to the frame.

Lastly, you  connect the extension cord to the meter that monitors the systems operation.

After all steps are completed, you plug the cord into the outlet.

Wait 5 minutes for the system to start. 

After 5 minutes it will be operational.

The system can also be used as an off-grid system, but then you will have to buy off-grid inverters.

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  • You get a 25 year warranty on the polycrystalline modules.
  • A 20 year warranty is given on the two  250Watt Micro Grid Tie Inverters.




75 x 45 x 50 inches.


How to use the 500 watt solar panel

Assemble the DIY system and then you simply plug the electrical cord to your wall and the system is operational. You are effectively using less electricity from the grid.

You are busy with big savings and you are reducing the carbon footprint.

Sun to PowerSun to Power.

How does the 500 watt solar module work?

You plug the kit into the plug and when the sun shines the 500 watt solar panel(s) will produce a DC voltage.

The micro grid tie inverter changes the DC voltage to AC voltage ready for household usage. The AC voltage is synchronized with your utility grid power and savings on your electricity bill is realized while the sun is shining.

This can materialize into big savings and a high return on your investment.


  • You get a 25 year warranty on the polycrystalline modules.
  • A 20 year warranty is given on the two  250Watt Micro Grid Tie Inverters.
  • The Inverters are certified with UL 1741 code to ensure and indicate safe and effective operation in cases of grid power failures...

Important facts to be mentioned

7 Panels7 Panels.
  • Up to seven panels can be hooked up to deliver up to 250 x 7 = 1.75 KW per hour. 
  • To get clarity, you can calculate how much power the 500 Watt solar panels produce per day. If we estimate the average sunshine is 5 hours per day, then we get 500 watt x 5 hours = 2500 watt. If you divide by 1000 then you get 2, 5 kilowatt per day.
  • You can use the isometric map to get better estimates for your area.
  • With 110 volts AC and an output of 500 Watt the system produces about 5 Ampere. This is 500 Watt divide by 110 volts to get 500/110 = 4, 6  Ampere which can be rounded to 5.
  • Bear in mind that the system will not be operational when you have a grid power failure. You do need an off-grid inverter to be operational when the on grid power fails. Then it will also be possible to add batteries and you will have a full back up system in case of power failures. 

In a conclusion

It is possible to utilize the ready made 500 Watt Solar Panel Kit and realize massive savings.

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