The 60w solar kit to be Used as a Complete All In One System

60w solar kit from Renogy that is to be called the Solar  Suitcase.  The system combines two solar panels. Included in the kit is an adjustable charge controller with an LCD screen. 

It forms an easy to use plug and play system. It is possible to use the kit for a variety of practical off-grid applications. 

You can use the Solar Suitcase to charge a deep cycle battery.  It is possible to use a variety of batteries such as gel, flooded, sealed or lead acid. 

60w solar kit Specs


Maximum Power:

Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc):

Optim Oper Voltage (Vmp):

Opt Oper Current (Imp):

Short-Circ Current (Isc):



18 V





Folded Dimension:



  • It has a 25-year transferable output guarantee. Also 5 years of  95 percent efficiency, and 5 to10 years of 90% efficiency.

  •  From 10 to 25 years it guarantees  efficiency of 80%
  • It also has  a 5-year material and workmanship guarrantee.


Use it for many off-gridd applications.


 25.6 x 13.8 x 2.9 inches.


How does the 60w solar kit work?

The Renogy 60 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Suitcase is a solar power system.  It comes in a single package.  

The size of the foldable suitcase is 13.8 x 25.6 x2. 9 inches.

The two 30 watt solar panels are perfect to use for off-grid applications. The panels can charge a 12volt battery. It is also possible to connect more panels to charge a 24 or a 48volt battery. 

High transmission tempered glass to protect the panels against hail damage.

An adjustable aluminum stand that is corrosion resistant is part of the parcel. 

Butterfly nuts help to tilt the panels to the desired angle. That ensures the greatest performance. The nuts are easy to handle with a comfortable grip. Which makes it possible to operate with ease. 

To ensure the largest output throughout the day adjust the angle regular.  This is to maximize exposure to the sun.

A 10A Viewstar charge controller with LCD display comes with the system. It ensures the delivery of constant voltage to the batteries.

Alligator clips and MC4 connectors make it easy to connect to a battery within seconds. No hassle.

The solar case wiring tray indicating the side of the panels not facing the sun. 

From this side, it is possible to see the charge controller, junction box and  MC4 connectors. Also, the tilt stands, battery alligator clips, in line fuse, latch and handle. 

This compact system is easy to setup and to take down and packed up within seconds.

How to use the 60w solar kit

You can use the 60w solar kit for many applications.

It is easy to set up within seconds. It is a case of opening the solar suitcase and setting it up. 

Direct the panels to the sun by making use of the aluminum stand that is part of the kit. Tilt it at the best angle and tighten the butterfly nuts. 

Use the alligator clips and MC4 connectors to plug in and connect the batteries. 

Now you can use it for many off-grid applications. 

Depending on the availability of sunshine the 60 watt solar panel kit will produce up to 300 watts per day.


  •  A 5-year guarantee on parts and labor.    
  • Also given is a 25-year power warranty. It guarantees that the solar panel will produce 90% of its rated output after 10 years. After 25 years, it will still produce 80% of its rated power output.   
  • The solar suitcase is compact and thus very versatile and portable.   
  • The German-made panels perform in a weak light environment.   
  • The charge controller provides overcurrent protection, reducing the risk of fire.
  • The protective casing makes the 60w solar kit very safe for portability.
  • The high transmission tempered glass has the ability to withstand hail stones up to one inch size.
  • The solar cable and the MC4 connectors are pre-attached to the solar panel. The kit now becomes quick and easy to put in operation.   
  • The solar panels are water resistant. The solar suitcase comes with protection against corrosion. It holds up against the salt mist.


  • The charge controller is not waterproof. 
  • Some people want a longer connector cable.

To come to a conclusion

You can use the 60w solar kit for many applications.

You do not need expensive cabling and to set it up is quick and very easy. 

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