The 30 watt solar panel to be rigid and strong 

30 Watt Solar Panel30 Watt Solar Panel.

The 30 watt solar panel is a high-performance module. NewPowa distributes these rigid and strong solar modules.

They call it the NEWPOWA 30 Watt 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel. It is a High-Efficiency Mono Module. 

The panel does not come with mounting brackets. You have to buy compatible mounting brackets extra.

You can buy (NPB-UM, NPB-35P, NPB-50P.)

You do need a charge controller to control the charge and discharge.

Also if you want to power an AC load, you need an inverter.

This is to change the DC power into AC power which is 110 or 220 volts.

It comes with a junction box and a pair of 3 feet solar cables with Anderson connectors. 

Back of panelBack of panel.

They pre-attach the cable to the junction box. Also an extra 1-foot cable with Anderson connector attached to it.

The 30 watt solar panel is a high-efficiency module and the color is black.

The manufacturer uses high-performance cells that they encapsulate in EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate).

EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) is available in thin sheets. The manufacturers insert these thin sheets between the solar cells. Also between the module and the top surface. They also use it between the module and the back surface.

They use heavy-duty anodized aluminum frames for solar panels. That provides for high-quality panel rigidity.

One can use these solar panels for many years. You will experience no faults, defects, or operating failures.

It comes with a superb warranty for up to 25 years.

On a sunny day with 7 hours of sunlight in mid-summer, you can bargain for the generation of about 180 watts.

That is 7 x 30 watt = 210 watt.

Now you allow for a loss of 15% and you get 210 X 85/100 = 178.5 Watt.

Now you can round it and you get a fair 180 watt.

The 30-watt solar panel is best for low-amp systems. It is good for bringing power to small electronics away from the grid.

The 30 watt solar panel specs


Maximum power(Pmax):                                                                30W.  

Voltage at Pmax(Vmp):                                                                 17.0V. 

Current at Pmax(Imp):                                                                  1.76A.

Open-circuit voltage (Voc):                                                          20.23V.

Short-circuit current (Isc):                                                              1.87A.

Operating temperature:                                                    -40°C to 85°C.

 Maximum system voltage:                                                    1000V  DC.


Module Dimension (mm/in.):                              (21.54 x 13.39 x 1.1 in).

Weight (kg/lbs.):                                                                 3.2kg(7.1lbs).


Charges a trolling motor battery;

Keep small electronic devices running;

Charge batteries for a gate opener;

Micro-solar system in crafting cabin;


Maintaining a car battery;

For electric fence;

Remote gate battery pack;

Fence charger;

Travel trailer;

Garden water pump;







  • The panel is very well made and it comes ready to use. It is sturdy, attractive, and efficient.
  • The module charges in cloudy and lower light conditions.
  • The solar panel comes with a heavy-duty anodized frame with pre-drilled holes for mounting.

  • It has a rugged design to withstand high winds (2400Pa), hail and snow load (5400Pa).
  • They encapsulate the cells in EVA (ethylene-vinyl-acetate).

  • It comes with high-transparent, low iron tempered glass.
Anderson ConnectorAnderson Connector.
  • The solar module comes with a durable TPT back sheet to dissipate heat. This ensures better panel performance and an increased lifespan.

  • The pre-attached 3ft+1ft wire with Anderson connectors makes the 30-watt solar panel ready to use.

Disadvantage of the 30 watt solar panel

Some people want the initial power cord to be a bit longer.

To Mention

  • The solar panel is easy to move throughout the day for the best solar collection.

  • A good idea is to build a frame to mount the charger to keep the angle of sun exposure at most.

  • The module comes with fast shipping and packed in a sturdy box.

  • This is a quality built panel, with flawless joints in the aluminum frame. Also, a neatly coiled wire attached to the junction box.


The module comes with a 2-year limited material and workmanship warranty.

Also a 10 year 90% output warranty and a 25 year 80% output warranty.

In a conclusion

The Newpowa 30 watt solar panel performs flawlessly.

If you buy it you will have a good investment ensuring cheap electricity.

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