Use the solar panel 12v battery charger to be a battery maintainer

A solar panel 12v battery charger can be such a handy piece of equipment. Use it for charging and to take care of your 12-volt battery.

The importance is to know exactly what you are looking for.

I do have to ask myself what are my needs

Bearing in mind that if we want to charge a car battery of 46 amp-hour that drains to 50% you will need 12 x 48/2 = 576/2 = 288 watts.

To charge this battery with a 60-watt solar charger will take about one sunny day.

(60 X 6 hours sun per day = 360 Watts. With a loss of 15% =360 X 85/100 = 306 watt.

So to charge a 46 amp hour car battery from a drain of 50% to full you can do in one day with a 60-watt solar charger.

Now if we want to charge a low amp battery for a motorbike we need fewer amperes.

To charge an 8-ampere battery for a bike that drains to 50% will need 12 X 8/2 = 48 Watts.

In this instance, a 10-watt solar panel 12v battery charger will be more than enough for one sunny day.

If you want to park a car for a couple of weeks or even months without using it you only need a trickle charge. This is to maintain the battery.

Bearing in mind that if the car does have an alarm there will be some drainage.

A battery maintainer of 1 to 5 watt will be enough.

More possibilities for solar panel 12v battery charger

If you are a backpacker a smaller low amp charger will work well.

This is if you only need a device to charge a USB device like a cellphone.

If you are a camper and want to use many functions a larger solar panel 12v battery charger would be the answer.

It is good then to have a charger for charging a battery, running a fridge, or TV and some USB devices.

You may want to charge a solar generator to use as a backup facility. A bigger could be your answer.

With the larger systems of more than 10 watts, you do need a solar kit. This includes a charge controller to protect your battery when charging.

In cases with a larger system for camping, you could want to go DC to AC. Then you will also have to buy an inverter for AC to DC conversion.

When a person from agriculture or any garden services buys a watering system he/she must know what to buy.

They have to consider the number of liters per hour, height to pump, and distance. As well as pump size, cost, availability, and much more.

The same goes if we need a proper solar panel 12v battery charger. We have to answer relevant questions like price, size, where and when to use and what for.

Is it IP rated, does it come with mounting hardware and does it have a proper warranty etc.

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