The 5W solar panel is for smaller off-grid appliances.

5W Solar Panel5W Solar Panel.

The 5W solar panel is a handy piece of equipment. It generates electricity for smaller appliances. We can use it for various minor off-grid applications.

Acopower manufactures this 5W Monocrystalline Solar Panel. It is for smaller 12 volts off-grid battery charging.

You can use it for many different smaller off-grid applications.

This is a 12-volt Monocrystalline solar panel to use for residential purposes.

The size of the panel is 12.6 X 6.3 X 1.0 inches (320 X 160 X 25mm).

The manufacturing of the panel takes place in the United States.

39 Inch long Pigtail39 Inch long Pigtail.

The panel comes prewired to a rear-mounted junction box that is IP65 rated. It has power wiring pigtails that they attach to the junction box.

The attached pigtails are 1M (39 inches) long.

It is necessary to buy mounting Z brackets and a charge controller.

If there is a need Acopower can manufacture customized cables.

5W solar panel specs


Maximum System Voltage DC:                                                                                    1000V.

Open Circuit Voltage (VOC):                                                                                           21.4V.

Optimum Power Voltage (Vmp):                                                                                      18V.

Short Circuit Current (ISC):                                                                                            0.31A.

Optimum operating current (Imp):                                                                            0.28A.

Power Tolerance Range:                                                                                                 ± 3%. 

Module Efficiency:                                                                                                           10.9%.


Weight:                                                                                                                    2.20 lb1.0kg).

Dimension:                                                  12.6 X 6.3 X 1.0inches (320 X 160 X 25mm).

Wind resistance:                                                                                                             2400Pa.


Basic component for off-grid solar panel 12/24v/36/48v system;





Green house;

Solar system;

Solar light;

Solar pump;


Dry camp;

Courtyard lighting.

Small household lighting system;

Street lighting;

Portable solar power;

All small power electrical devices & small PV systems.

How does the 5w solar panel work?

The 5w Monocrystalline module is for small 12-volt battery charging and more. It is ready to supply cheap electricity.

You can direct it to the sun and it will be in operation.

The panel produces DC voltage. To use it for residential purposes you need a charge controller. It acts as a voltage regulator. This is to protect the batteries against overloading and surges.

Remember MPPT charge controllers are a bit more expensive, but they are still the best.

If the sun shines 6 hours per day you will get 6 x 5 = 30 watts per day.

This is only meant for small appliances.


Sturdy Anodized Aluminum Frame.Sturdy Anodized Aluminum Frame.
  • The 5w solar panel comes with a lightweight and strong anodized aluminum frame.
  • This is good construction and built to last for many years.
  • To ease set up it comes with holes already punched for mounting. The holes fit standard Z-brackets...Setting it up is easy.
  • The panel can withstand snow loads up to 5400PA as well as high winds up to 2400PA.
  • The aluminum frame has no sharp edges. You can use it hassle-free, any place that you need to.


  • The 5w panel comes ready for connecting. It is compact and easy to set up.

  • Pre-drilled holes ensure fast and easy installation.

  • The module comes with reinforced safety and anti-reflection low-iron tempered glass. The glass is 3.2mm thick.
IP-65 Rated Junction Box.IP-65 Rated Junction Box.
  • The 5w solar panel comes with a waterproof IP-65 rated junction box.
  • The box provides complete protection against rough weather conditions.

  • The panels are cost-effective and the manufacturer provides free professional engineering services.


Some people feel it will be better if the manufacturer includes mounting hardware.

To mention 

  • Transport or installation in an inappropriate manner may break the solar panel. This can void the warranty.

  • Construction is of high quality.

  • The panel produces well in low light conditions.


The solar panel itself comes with a 5-year workmanship warranty. Also a 25-year 85% output warranty.

Customer service and technical support based in California.

In conclusion

The 5w solar panel is very handy. It is solid and well-constructed.

The panels come with a very good warranty.

It is cost-effective and efficient.

The module delivers the rated voltage and current.

You can click here to buy the solar panel.

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