This 45 watt solar panel kit operates with a combination

45 Watt solar panel45 Watt solar panel.

The 45 watt solar panel kit to operate with three amorphous or thin film panels to produce a proper output.

We call it the Thunderbolt Solar Kit and it operates on 12 volt DC.

It comes with a frame that you can assemble to mount the panels to get the 45 watt solar modules in operation.

This is a flexible system that you can use for various applications.

By changing the angle of the frame w.r.t. the sun, you get high efficiency and long periods of sunshine.

The frame comes with legs.

 You can use the legs to tilt the panels to the desired angle that ensures the greatest performance.

There are two 12 volt lights that you can plug into the controller box.

If you want to do a rooftop installation, you will have to buy the necessary brackets.

It comes equipped with the controller box and a 5 volt USB port. The port is for charging small appliances like cell phones and tablets et cetera. A 3 volt, 6 volt as well as a 12 volt outlet is part of the kit.

A 12-volt cigarette lighter is also included.

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How does the 45 watt solar panel kit work?

The kit consists of three 15 watts 12-volt amorphous silicon solar modules. The panels deliver a combined output of 45 watts.

You have to assemble the frame. After assembling the frame you mount the three panels onto the frame.

Bear in mind that it is easier if you attach the middle panel first. Other than that, you have to follow the instructions.

Align the panel mounting holes with the top and bottom mounting holes of the frames.

You then use the screws and nuts to secure the panels to the frame.

Now you attach the three leads from the 15 watt solar panels to the splitter cable.

Next, it is time to connect the splitter cable to the extension cable. After that add the extension cable to the charge controller.

Now you connect the battery terminals to the charge controller.

A large LED display on the front of the charge controller will show the voltage. You will know immediately if everything is working well.

How to use the 45 watt solar panel kit 

Use the 45 watt solar panel kit for a range of applications. 

It is a case of opening assembling and mounting the solar modules, and it will be producing.

Direct the panels to the sun and tilt it at the best angle by making use of the aluminum stand. This is to reach peak wattage.

Use the connectors to plug in and connect the batteries.

Now you can use it for many off-grid necessities. From remote country places, sheds, light poles, gates, camping, boats, RV’s and much more.

Depending on the availability of sunshine the 45 watt solar panel kit will produce up to 270 watts per day.

The 45 watt system  is good for charging batteries. 

This system works great for lighting, small appliances, cell phone charging, and laptops.

One person installed it in an outdoor storage shed as a beginners kit and it works well.

My friend Allen Strode uses a 6-volt shocker to keep a couple of milk cows under control. He used to split a 12-volt battery to operate it.

Since he bought himself this 45 watt solar panel kit the 6-volt shocker  works well. All the frustrations are over now.

The advantages to be associated with the 45 watt solar panel kit

  • The Amorphous silicon solar cells ensure efficient output in bright and cloudy conditions.
  • Flexible and easy to handle. It is also very easy to change the tilt angle for increased exposure to the sun and increased efficiency.
  • Ninety-day warranty on materials and workmanship.
  • The three 15 watt solar panels produce clean, quiet energy that is free to harvest from the sun.

Disadvantages to mention about the 45 watt solar module

  • The charge controller is not weatherproof. It is best to place it in a dry and well-ventilated location. It must stay dry during rain and snow. Enough ventilation is necessary to ensure it stays cool when in operation.
  • Some people feel that the frame is a bit flimsy. It works though and there were no reports about any problems.

Facts that are good to know

  • Bear in mind that the battery and inverter are not included in the kit. You must buy it separately.
  • If you follow the instructions in the manual things will work okay. You should not experience any problems.

To conclude

Use the 45 watt solar panel for many different power applications. No hassle of laying expensive cabling.

This is convenient and setup is with ease.

 If you purchase a product through a link on this page, I do get a small   percentage  of commission at no extra cost to you.

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