150 Watt folding solar panel to be manufactured with a charge controller 

150 Watt folding solar panel150 Watt folding solar panel.

This 150 watt folding solar panel is good to charge batteries. Use it also as a solar generator.

You can even use it as a battery maintainer to ensure batteries have their full load at all times.

The Monocrystalline portable solar module is from Dokio. It exists in 4 small solar panels. It is a suitcase kit with an own handle to carry. The module is portable and  quick to set up. It is easy to transport.

They use Monocrystalline silicon cells with a high efficiency.

These four panels fold together and they use velcro to hold it closed. The carry handle is for ease of use.

It also includes;

Three meter cableThree-meter cable.

Three-meter cable with XT60 and SAE connectors;

One meter cableOne meter cable.

One meter cable with XT60 and crocodile clips;

Short connectorShort connector.

                A JY60/DC short connector;

A Dokio 12volt 10 Amp PWM charge controller.

They use high-performance cells. They encapsulate these cells in EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate).

This EVA comes in thin sheets.

They insert the  sheets between the solar cells, and also between the module and top surface.

The manufacturer also insert it between the module and the back surface.

The 150 watt folding solar panel specifications


Max power (Pmax):                                                                                           150W.

Volt at Pmax (Vmp):                                                                                                   18V.

Amps at Pmax (Imp):                                                                                                8.89A.

Open-circuit volts (Voc):                                                                                         22.5V.

Short-circuit Amps (Isc):                                                                                          9.14A.

Operating temp:                                                                                           -40°C to 85°C.


150 Watt folding solar panel unfolded150 Watt folding solar panel unfolded.

Open:                                          85inch x 22inch x 0.55 inches. (57cm x 54cm x 1.4cm.)

150 Watt folding solar panel folded150 Watt folding solar panel folded.

Folded:                                            22inch×21 inch×1.1 inches.                                                                           57cm x 54cm x 2.8cm.)         

Package Weight:                                                     4.1kg (9lbs.) (including wire and controller.)


Use either as a solar panel without the controller. 

Charge power station with own built-in controllerCharge power station with own built-in controller.

This is to charge stations;

 PV via SAE connectors to the 3m cable. Then 3m cable via XT60/JY60  to the short connector.

Now short connector via DC connector to power station.)

Or use as solar  kit by using the controller charge batteries  and various USB devices;

Battery charging via a charge controllerBattery charging via a charge controller.

(Connect PV via SAE  to 3m cable, the 3m cable via XT60  to thecontroller.

Now the charger  via XT60 connector to the1m cable.

Then the one-meter cable using battery clips to the battery.)

Camping and off-roading;

RV while dry Camping;

Power Acopower coolers;


Charging your car battery;





Tractors camping;





In emergencies shine a light on your shed;

The Charge Controller

Charge Controller with 2 X USB portsCharge Controller with 2 X USB ports.
  • It comes with a 10A 12 volt PWM controller. 

  • The controller protects the batteries against unsafe electrical conditions. 

  • Use the controller to charge 12V batteries. Make use of the alligator clips.

  • Use the XT60 connectors for charging a solar generator with the charge controller. 

  • The controller uses with 2 x 5 volts 2 ampere USB ports for small devices.

  • You can use the controller to charge 5volt devices via the USB ports. You do not have to connect the battery when doing so.

  • If there is a need you can buy some extension cable. This is to use before the charge controller to ensure you leave your devices out of the sun. Only the panel itself will be in the sunshine then.

How to connect

First you connect the battery, now the load  and then the module.

When you disconnect do it panel, load, and last you do the battery.

Stats of the 10Ampere PWM charge controller

Working voltage:                                                                                                              12Volt.

Working current:                                                                                                          10 Amps.

USB Output Ports:                                                                                                5Volt/2Amp.

Working Mode:                                                                                                 PWM Charging.

Weight:                                                                                                                             0.145 Kg.

IP Rating:                                                                                                No, not waterproof.

Operating the 150 watt folding solar module

  • Locate a sunlit area. Be sure it is a spot without any obstacles blocking the sun.

  • Now it is a matter of unfolding the four panels and turn it towards the sun. It will immediately start producing an output.

  • It is best to adjust the solar panels to realize max sunlight for as long as possible during the day. That will ensure most power output. Use the eyelets to fasten if necessary.

  • Connect the positive and negative leads according to the prescribed polarity.

  • Remember to read all the safety instructions. Now you can put the 150 watt foldable solar panel into operation.

  • Proper battery clip connection will prevent short circuits.

  • Be aware, anything that covers the surface of the 150-watt solar module will reduce the output power.


  • The 150-watt folding solar panel is foldable and lightweight. It is a brease to carry with the practical carrying handle the manufacturer includes. It is also a nice small size when you fold it.

  • The module comes with a handle and a handy pocket to hold accessories.

  • High conversion efficiency.

  • The 150 Watt folding solar panel is light, compact, easy to handle, and easy to carry.

  • The charge controller comes with a LED display that is informative and easy to read.t.

  • The panels perform as quoted.

  • You need little instruction to easily set up the plugin cables.

  • Storing is easy  when folded.

  • The 150 watt folding solar panel is well protected in a thick fabric sewn pocket.

  • You can use the module in harsh weather conditions. Rain, snow, extreme cold, or very strong winds.

  • Due to its flexibility, you can open and put it on an uneven surface without damaging it.

  • You can use the fixing eyelets to hold it in position during strong winds.

  • The solar panel does not have a hard shell-like many competitors. You can place it without having to be afraid that it will damage anything while driving.

  • The Dokio team provides excellent after-sale service.

Disadvantages of the 150 watt folding solar panel

Some people want a longer cord for the alligator clips.

There was criticism that the fixing eyelets are too flimsy.

The module comes without stands, but it has grommet holes to hang it for better positioning.

It is important to keep the controller dry. It is water-resistant, but not waterproof.

To Mention

This 150 watt folding solar panel is water-resistant. Over time saltwater will damage it.

Take care and exercise preventative maintenance to ensure the longevity of this module.

The XT60 connectors on the cables to the controller are very convenient. It works easier than screw terminals, but it can be a matter of taste.

The solar module is super practical, it is easy to unfold and operate. It is also quick and easy to fold and stow away. 


This 150 watt folding solar panel  comes with a 90% output warranty for 12 years.

After that an 80% output warranty for 25 years.

In a conclusion

The solar panel and charge controller work well.

It is flexible, easy to use, easy to fold, easy to carry, and easy to store away in a limited space.

The 150 watt folding solar panel comes at a relatively low cost.

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