The 40W Solar Panel from X-Dragon is a high efficiency module

40W Solar Panel with Controller40W Solar Panel with Controller

The 40W Solar Panel from X-Dragon comes with dual-port operation. It comes with a 5V/2Amp USB port as well as an 18V/2Amp DC port.

The dual-port output can power 2 devices at the same time.

The 5v/2Amp output is for USB devices.

An 18V/2Amp output is for laptops and other devices.

The 40W solar module works with a sophisticated SolarIQ.

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It is CE, RoHs, and FCC certified. It operates with surge protection and short circuit technology. This is to keep our devices safe and operational.

This is a foldable 40W solar panel with a peak output power of 40 Watts.

They build the module with SUNPOWER solar cells from the US. The module’s efficiency is as high as 23.3%.

Contents of the complete 40w solar panel package


                           A 40W  X-Dragon foldable solar panel.

10 In 1 Connector & Cable10 In 1 Connector & Cable.
SAE & Alligator ClipsSAE & Alligator Clips.
Car Lighter Power AdaptorCar Lighter Power Adaptor.
USB Output PortUSB Output Port.

Carabiners to attach and carry.

Built-in controller with 2 outputs. Also solar IQ to ensure safe and largest operational performance.

40W Solar Panel Specifications

Solar panels peak power:                                                                                                 40W.

Transformation efficiency:                                                                                    22%-25%.

OutPut:                                                                                 USB 5V2.8A /DC18V 1.6A(Max.)


Folded size : 265x160 x70mm

                10.43x6.30x2.76 inch.

Unfolded size: 680x530x5mm


Net weight:      1157g/40.80oz.

What will this 40w solar panel charge?

With the 5V USB port we can charge; Smartphones, Tablets, and iPads. Also mini, external battery packs, and other 5V USB devices. 

With the 18V DC port we can charge; 18V2A laptops, 12V car battery, and other 18V2A DC-powered devices.

Controller40W Solar Panel Controller.

Controller and Solar IQ Technology

The 40W solar panels come with a built-in controller. It has two output ports. The one is for 5V USB devices and the other is for 18v devices.

With ample sunshine it is possible to charge 2 devices at the same time.

A built-in chip provides solar IQ to ensure the largest power delivery. It does it by adjusting current and voltage for max delivery.

A built-in LED indicates whether devices are charging and when completed.

The 40W solar panel comes with safety protection

Safety ProtectionSafety Protection


  • Dual Port output.

  • IQ technology ensures max operation.

  • High-efficiency power conversion rate, with an efficiency of up to 23.5%

  • The foldable 40w solar panel is easy to carry. Carabiners ensure easy attachment to backpacks.

  • The special design makes it easy for both outdoor and indoor use.

  • The structures of the solar panels are with premium materials and circuitry. This is to ensure lifetime reliability

  • The modules come with ABS coating. The coating ensures waterproof and anti-corrosion for years to come.

  • The unit keeps on charging even with cloudy conditions.
  • THE handy LED indicates the state of charging.


Some people complain the module is a bit heavy for carrying when backpacking.

Some facts to mention about the 40w solar panel

One of the bests around, and brilliant customer service. 

It is better to turn off a laptop before charging. That is because some laptops need a large current when operating.

It is best to charge a large battery that is compatible with this of a laptop.

With larger voltages this product will reduce the voltage drop. So the large voltage would not damage the smaller devices.

It is a good idea to cover the solar controller, not the solar panels, when in the hot sun. This is because the hot sun can damage the solar controller.

Cover it with a cloth or a towel or something.


The 40W Solar Panel comes with 18 months no worry warranty. Also, friendly customer service.(Controller not included.)

In a conclusion

The X-Dragon 40w solar panel is a good combination of power and portability.

Use it and it can keep you going for days. 

It comes with a very reasonable price per watt.

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