A 380w solar panel helps you to become independent

380W JA Solar Mono Half Cell Panel380W JA Solar Mono Half Cell Panel.

This 380w solar panel to be used for a number of appliances. Use it for battery charging and other functions. DC or AC. For AC you have to use an inverter as well.

JA Solar is the manufacturer. 

It is called  the 380W JA Solar Mono Half Cell Panel.

JA Solar assembles these solar modules with multi-busbar perc cells. With perc cell technology they integrate a passivation layer on the back of the surface. This layer of material boosts cell efficiency.

They also make use of half cell technology. With half cell technology a solar cell is cut in half. This is to improve performance and durability.

By making use of PID-free components, the manufacturer ensures a high-power output. A high output that will last for many years. PID of PV modules reduces output power over time. (PID is the so-called potential induced degradation.)

380W Solar Panel performance

The 380w solar panel has an output of about 2260 watt. This is for a 7 hour day during high summer.

Also taking in consideration a possible loss of 15%.

The panel is commercial and residential use.

You can use the 380W JA Solar Mono Half Cell Panel from LG  off-grid as well as o-grid.

The 380w solar panel comes with leads tied to the junction box. 

Total length of the leads is 1 meter, and they provide it with the MC4 type connectors.

The 380w solar panel specs


Rated Maximum Power (Pmax):                                                                                          380W.

Open Circuit Voltage (Voc):                                                                                                  41.62V.

Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp):                                                                                       34.77V.

Short Circuit Current (Isc):                                                                                                  11.47A.

Maximum Power Current (Imp):                                                                                       10.93A.

Module Efficiency:                                                                                                                   20.3%.

Power Tolerance:                                                                                                                     +/-5W.


Weight:                                                                                                                                         20.7kg.

Dimensions:                                                                       1776±2mm×1052±2mm×35±1mm.

Cable Cross Section Size:                                                                                                     4mm².

No. of cells:                                                                                                                          120(6×24).

Connector:                                                                                                                     MC4 Original.

Cell type:                                                                                                                 Monocrystalline.

Junction Box:                                                                        IP68 rated and 3 Bypass Diodes.


Commercial and residential usage.

Off-Grid systems.

On-Grid operations.

Larger Solar works



Multi panel works.

Junction Box

It is waterproof and IP68 rated.

It is a  durable box to last for many years. It is completely protected against bad weather.

The activation of the diodes ensure restricted loss during partial shading. A constant output is made possible.


The module manufacturing by JA solar is high standard. They succeed to keep on improving efficiency and reliability.

The 380w solar panel comes with a high price to performance ratio.

The junction boxes provide for easy serial connection. This is when using more than one 380w solar panel.

With the half cell technology, you get;

Higher power output.

Improved temperature-dependent performance.

Reduced shading effect.

Low risk of a hot spot.


This 380w solar panel comes with a 10 years of a  product warranty. This is on materials and workmanship.

Also a twenty five year linear performance warranty.

In a conclusion

This JA 380w solar module is of highest standard. Manufacturing and testing are always thorough.

The efficiency is 20.6% .

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