A 20 watt solar panel to be highly effective

20 Watt Solar Panel with Stand20 Watt solar panel.

The 20 watt solar panel will ensure many operating hours. It will keep your battery in a tip-top condition. You will enjoy trouble-free operation for a variety of applications.

The solar module comes from Suner Power. The 20 watt solar panel  includes a 10 amp MTTP charger.

To be sure of  long lifespan you have to do proper maintenance on the battery. A charge controller is necessary to protect the battery. 

The Polycrystalline solar module ensures the generation of low carbon electricity. Use it, and enjoy free energy from the sun. 

This product is a solar-powered battery maintainer for 12V batteries. You can also use it as a battery charger, but charging will take a while.

The total 20 watt solar kit includes;

A Solar panel with connecting cable.

20 Watt Solar Panel kit

Junction box.

Battery Clamps. (Alligator)

Mounting hardware.

Some wiring and adaptor.

A 10 ampere controller.

LED indicator.

Operating the 20 Watt Solar Panel

The 20 watt Polycrystalline panel can generate cheap electricity. Face at the sun and it operates.

The ultra-bright green LED will show you when the system is charging. It gives an indication of  when finished and ready to be used.

Use the stainless steel mounting screws for a permanent installation. They include the screws in the kit.

With 6 hours daily sunlight the solar panel can produce 6 x 20 = 120 watts per day.

Allow for a 15% loss. Then you get 120 X 85/100 = 102 Watt.

Forget about the two and you still get a fair 100 Watt.

This is more than enough to maintain a battery.

20 Watt Solar Panel 


Maximum Power:                                                                                20Watt.

Open-Circ Voltage (Voc):                                                             2.6V

Optimum Oper Voltage (Vmp):                                            18V

Optimum Operating Amp (Imp):                                             1.12A

Short-Circuit Amp (Isc):                                                               1.17A


Weight:                                                                                             2kg .

Dimensions:                                                                                   420X335x17mm.

Max wind/snow load.                                                                   2400Pa


Backed by extended 12 months warranty and lifetime technical support.


Use it for a gate opener, electrical fencer, cars, 4WD’s, trucks, motorcycle, marine, boats.

Also, use it for farm equipment or any application where you use a 12v battery.

Operating the 20watt solar module

For full operation of the 20 watt solar panel we must have  a charge controller as well as a battery.

The 20 watt module comes with a 10 Amp charge controller.

For sizing of the battery we divide the total watt by the volts.

20 Ah battery20 Ah battery

Depending on your area, you take 6hours sunlight X 20 watts) X .85 to allow for loss/ 12 volt x 2 for D of D. We assume a DOD of 50%.

 20 x 6 x .85 divide by 12 x 2 Gives  17 Amp Hours .

We can use a  20 Ah battery.

Visual LED indicator 

The colorful LED indicator indicates various statues of the batteries while charging. As well as the state of the 20 watt solar panel.

They use a red and green color at the different sequences. This is to show specific conditions of battery and solar panel.

Status Indicator.

 Charge Controller

The 20Watt solar module comes with a MPPT 10Ampere Charger.

It pairs non-matching voltages that come from the batteries and the panels.

These MPPT controllers can adjust their input, and can vary output power. This ensures maximum power generation.

The MPPT controllers are higher in  efficiency than P W M controllers.

Adjustable Mounting Bracket

Adjustable Mounting Bracket

It comes with an alloy ball. This is to adjust the angle of the solar panel.

Adjusting the angle provides for the largest output for a longer period of the day.

Against vertical wall.

Mounting is easy to do.

You can mount it on a horizontal surface or vertical wall.

The Anti-Corrosive Aluminum Frame

Sturdy Frame.

They manufacture the panels come with strong aluminum frames.

They make use of low iron high transparency tempered glass.

It allows for higher light transmission and better transparency.

Maintanace of the solar module

Always make certain the cables are undamaged. 

Use a damp cloth for cleaning of the solar panel. 

A clean panel is more effective.

The advantages

  • IP 65 waterproof design to prevent components from oxidizing into water. No worry to place it outside in all seasons.
  • Overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, reverse polarity protection, and short circuit protection

  • It comes with “plug & play” SAE connectors, easy to connect and disconnect.
  • Easy to install and virtually maintenance-free.
  • High efficiency polycrystalline solar cells, works great, even days with lesser sunlight.
  • This 20 watt solar panel will keep your battery topped off as long as there is sunlight available.

Things to mention

Buy this the panel to maintain a 12 volt battery.

It  maintains  rechargeable 12V batteries.  Also for many different applications.

When you use the controller you can  connect the kit permanently to the battery.

It is best to connect  the charge controller first to the battery. Only after this  you can connect the 20 watt solar module.

When you disconnecting;  first the solar module. Then after that the charger.

This correct  connecting always ensures  faults free  and safe operation. 

As a conclusion

The 20 watt solar panel and charge controller operate as described.

It is well constructed and affordable.

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