A 180 watt solar panel to help you to independence

180 Watt Solar Panel180 Watt Solar Panel.

This 180 watt solar panel that is from BougeRV let you be producing your own electricity. Use it for a variety of applications. Make it your first step to become  independent from the big electricity suppliers.

You will do the right thing if you invest in a 180 watt solar module. No need to do it all at once, but this could be the beginning of big savings.

You can quickly set it up and start generating cheaper electricity.

BougeRV  180 Watt 12 volt Monocrystalline panel with solar cells that come with a high percentage of efficiency. It maintains high module conversion efficiency and provides long-term output reliability.

It is good for commercial as well as residential purposes. You can apply this 180 watt solar panel for on- and off grid necessities.

The measurements are 26.38 X 58.27 X 1.38 inch, and the cabling is about  3ft long.

IRP65 rated junction box with MC4 Comparable connectors and built-in blocking diodes for prevention of reversed flow of current.

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Specs of the 180 watt solar panel.


Max Out:

Maximum Syst Volts:

Open-Circuit Volts (Voc):

Optimum Operating Volts(Vmp):

Optimum Operating Amps (Imp):

Short-Circuit Ampere (Isc):


600V DC (UL).









Any large or small off-grid solar power stations. 

Residential roof-top and ground systems for off-grid uses. 

Commercial/industrial building roof-top and ground systems for off-grid uses.

10.9kg (24lbs.)

26.38 X 58.27 X 1.38 inches.

How does the 180 watt solar panel work?

The BougeRV 180-Watt Monocrystalline PV Solar Panel generates free electricity. As soon as you direct it to the sun it is in operation. 

The module delivers  DC volts. You need a charge controller for protection when charging a battery. 

If you have a 6 hour period of sunlight for a day it will produce 6 X 180 = 1080 watt per day.

Operating the 180 watt solar panel

To make the 180 watt solar panels  fully operational we need  a charge controller, battery and an inverter.

Size the charge controller by dividing max watts per hour by total volts.

This is 180/12 = 15 Ampere

Add 25% for safety and you get 15 X 1.25 = a  18.75 Amp charge controller.

A 20 Amp charge controller will be a good choice.

Size the battery by dividing the total watt by volts.

This is 180 watt x 6 hours sunlight ( Depending on your area.) X .85 for losses/ 12 volt x 2 for DOD.

This is 180 x 6 x .85 / 12 x 2 =  153 Amp Hours .

A 160 Ah battery will be a good choice.

Size the inverter by deciding the max watts to be utilized at once.

The max output of the panel is 180 watt. 

Rule of thumb is to use an inverter 1.25 to 1.5 times more than max watts.

In this case we can work with a 180 x 1.5 = 270. A 300 watt inverter will be a good choice.

Positive features associated with the 180 watt solar panel

The Frame is Durable.Durable Frame
  • The solar panel is maintenance free. It is necessary though to clean it now and then because too much dirt will reduce efficiency and output.
  • You can use the 180 watt solar panel for many applications.
  • The Built-in blocking diodes are to prevent reverse current flow.
  • High transmittance and it comes with low iron tempered glass with a high degree of Stiffness and impact resistance.
  • Weatherproof for harsh outdoor conditions.
  • During weak light and high temperatures, the panel maintains outstanding electrical performance.
  • Mounting holes provide easy and quick installation.
  • The strong frame ensures withstanding of high winds and heavy snow loads.
  • Instructions are clear, installation is easy and it is easy to use.
  • The module is environmentally friendly and it comes with a nice design.
  • All the electrical connections are weatherproof.

To mention:

Remember there are four key considerations when you check solar panel quality. This is efficiency, warranty, performance, and price. 

When you buy you only get the panel with the leads and nothing else. 

You need a 12volt deep cycle battery. You also need a charge controller and a power inverter to get your power system going.

To conclude

The 180 watt solar panel is of high quality.

Panels are well constructed and produce voltage and current as rated and expected.

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