Use the 335w solar panel  to become independant

This 335w solar panel is good for a variety of applications. It is handy to use as a source of power to charge batteries or to use for either AC or DC appliances.

LG Electronics manufactures these handy and improved 335w solar modules.

We call it the LG Neon2 355w solar panel.

It comes with a 25-year limited output warranty.

This solar module operates with new improved technology. This is the so-called “Cello Technology”.  Instead of the normal 3 buzz bars between cells, it uses up to 12 improved conductors between cells.

This provides for a remarkable increase in efficiency.

With improvements in design, it is able to use heat that reflects from the sun to the back of the panel. (They call it the double-sided cell structure.) This brings a further improvement in efficiency.

They use 60 Monocrystalline cells to build the 335w solar panel.

LG combines these 60 solar cells into 3 sub-strings. They equip them with protective diodes. This helps to protect the panel when partial shading occurs while in operation.

Performance of the 335w solar panel

In the middle of summer on a day with 7 hours sunshine you will get an output of  1990 watts.

This is if you take into account a possible loss of 15%.

The module is for residential purposes. You can also apply it for commercial use.

335W back with junction box and leads335W back with junction box and leads.

Use the 335w Monocrystalline Solar Panel from LG for off-grid or on the grid applications.

The size of the panel is 1700 × 1020 × 40 mm.

The 335w solar panel has cables attached to it via the junction box. The length of the cables is 1 meter.

 Specifications for the 335w solar panel


Largest system volts:                                                                                                   1000V DC.

Maximum out:(Pmax)                                                                                                          335W.

Volts at Pmax (Vmp):                                                                                                             34.7V.

Amp at Pmax (Imp):                                                                                                          10.25A .

Open-circuit volts (Voc):                                                                                                     41.5V.

Short-circuit amperes (Isc):                                                                                              10.8A.

Operating temp:                                                                                         from -40°Cto +90°C.

Efficiency:                                                                                                                                20.6%.


Dimension:                                                                                       1,700 x 1,016 x 40mm.

Weight:                                                                                                        11.0kg / 24.25lbs.

No of cells:                                                                                                                               60.

Cell Vendor:                                                                                                                            LG.

Cell Type:                                                                                                     Monocrystalline.

Number of Bus bars:                                                                  12 (Multi Wire Bus bar).

Connector (Type/Maker):                                                                                     MC4/MC.

Junction Box:                                                                         IP68 with 3 Bypass Diodes.

Length of Cables:                                                                                            2 x 1,000mm.

Front cover:                                                              Tempered Glass with AR Coating.

Frame:                                                                                                 Anodized Aluminum.


Suitable for both domestic and commercial solar PV installations



Large Solar Systems





Multi-Panel Solar Arrays.

How does the 335w solar panel work?

The LG 335W Monocrystalline panel  generates cheap electricity as soon as as it is directed to the sun.

It produces DC volts. Use a charger for proper residential or commercial purposes. This is to act as a regulator for the batteries that store the electric power.

You have to use an inverter for converting AC to DC.

Frame that is Anodized Aluminum 

They manufacture it with an anodized aluminum frame. This ensures safe outdoor use for many years.

The manufacturer uses tempered glass with AR coating. This is to get greater transparency and less loss of light due to reflection.

With a reinforced frame design, the  LG Neon2 335w solar panel can endure a front-load up to 6,000Pa. (This represents the snow height of normal snow of more than 1.8meters). Also a rear load up to 5,400Pa (represents a wind speed of up to 93m/s).


  • The 335w solar panel comes with an IP68 rated waterproof junction box.

  • The box is durable and can last for many years. It provides complete protection during extreme weather conditions.

  • The box contains three bypass diodes. In the case of partial shading, the diodes activate. It bypasses any current from generation of non-shaded cells. This is to limit losses due to heat.

  • The diodes ensure a constant output.


  • The 335w solar modules are quality built with an excellent cost per watt rating.

  • The pre-drilled holes on the back of the panel make it possible to mount the module fast and secure.

  • It uses a strong frame. It is anti-corrosion and good for  outdoor use for decades to come.

  • With the high quality frames the panels can withstand heavy snow loads and high-speed winds. (6000Pa and 5,400Pa).

  • The manufacturer utilizes “cello technology”. The result is a solar panel with enhanced performance.

  • Due to improved technology the 335w solar panel comes with an enhanced warranty. Also improved durability and performance under a real environment. It also comes with a real aesthetic design suitable for roofs.


The LG 335w solar panel comes with a warranty of 25 years, and they are likely to last for many more.

In a conclusion

The LG 335w solar panel panel is of excellent quality. The manufacturer sees to it that the testing is thorough.

It comes with an efficiency of 20.6% and a more than satisfactory power output per square meter.

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