A Renogy 10w solar panel that is a foldable charger 

Renogy 10w solar panelRenogy 10w solar panel.

The Renogy 10w solar panel is portable. They call it the Renogy Portable E. Flex Monocrystalline 10 Watt + Solar module.

They do include a 5V/1.9Amp USB port for charging and maintaining a variety of USB devices.

Also, two carabineers which help you to attach your panel to a backpack while hiking. As well as 4 suction cups for easy mounting in vehicle windows for easy charging.

The solar module comes with 2 X 5watt panels and a charge controller and cable.

Controller with overcharge protection and smart auto-optimization chargingController with overcharge protection and smart auto-optimization charging.

The charge controller comes with overcharge protection.

Also smart auto-optimization charging. Auto-optimization technology detects when charging drops due to changes in light conditions. This can be due to shadows cast by trees, clouds, or other objects.

To prevent underperformance auto-optimization charging prevents undercharging due to these reduced levels.

When light improves charging will immediately return from the reduced level.

This is a vast improvement on delays in charging times of USB devices.

The Renogy 10 watt solar panel specifications


Max Watt:                                                                                                                      10W.

USB Charging Port:                                                                                                          5V/1.92A.

Operating Temperature:                                                                                        -4°F to 158°F.

Monocrystalline Cell Type:                                                                               22% efficiency.


Folded Dimensions:                                                                                      0.3 x 6.3 x 0.16 in.  

Unfolded Dimensions:                                                                              13.4 x 10.3 x 0.08 in.

Weight:                                                                                                                                     11.2 oz.

Solar Panel Surface Material:                                                                      ETFE Laminated.

Fabric Material:                                                                                                                     Oxford.

Operating Temperature:                                                                                      -20°C to 70°C.





Other on-the-go activities;

Hang it via carabineers;

Put in window with Suction cups;

Pair this product with a power bank for more user satisfaction;

(A Renogy Drifter portable battery bank works well for storage of back-up power.) 

Charge controller with 5V USB portCharge controller with 5V USB port.

Operation of the Renogy 10w solar panel

To charge a USB device you unfold the solar module and direct it to the sun. Plug the device into the USB 5V/1.9 Ampere port and it will be charging.

One can also do stored charging. Connect a USB powered battery and you will have stored power for longer periods.

For added flexibility you can hang it to your backpack by making use of the carabineers.

Suction CupsSuction Cups.

Also make it a window charger by using the suction cups to use it inside a vehicle or at home.


  • The Renogy 10w solar panel comes with overcharge protection.

  • It is compatible with a variety of USB devices.

  • This is an ultra-thin super lightweight backup charger that won’t leave you stranded. When there is sunshine it operates.

  • The Monocrystalline solar cells allow for largest efficiency at 22%.

  • The 10 watt solar panel works well even with light overcast.

  • With the auto-optimization feature it easy recovers lost power caused by shading.

Disadvantages of the Renogy 10w solar panel

When raining, water can enter the USB port. A type of rubberized flip down cover could prevent water from entering.

Carabineers for attachingCarabineers for attaching.

When you mount it on a back pack you reduce performance.

This is due to movement and thus poor positioning. Remember though that by doing so, you add much more charging time while hiking.

To Mention

The 10 watt E-flex is not water proof, but it is water resistant. Take care of the USB port. Water and dust could cause damage.

It is for USB charging at 5V/1.92A max.

The Renogy 10w solar panel comes with a ruggedized surface. It will not scratch, shatter or damage.

This is a good lightweight solar module and it takes very little space in your pack.


The Renogy 10w solar panel comes with a 1-year material and workmanship warranty.

In a conclusion

Renogy is a top level manafacturer of solar panels. The Renogy 10w solar panel works very well and it comes at a good price.

This is exceptional value for money and can be a good long term investment when buying.

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