The 10 w solar panel is for smaller battery charging 

10 W Solar Panel10 W Solar Panel.

The 10 w solar panel can do many off-grid functions. Also as a battery maintainer. 

Acopower distributes these rigid and strong solar modules.  This is an  Acopower Mono Solar Panel. It is a High-Efficiency Monocrystalline solar panel.

The package does not include a charge controller or mounting hardware.

The efficiency of the mono panel is 10.74% and the color is black.

It comes with a junction box and a pair of 90 cm long cables attached to the solar module.

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Junction box and pair of 90 cm long cables.

The manufacturer uses high-performance cells that they encapsulate in EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate).

EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) is available in thin sheets. The manufacturers insert these thin sheets between the solar cells. Also between the module and the top surface. They also use it between the module and the back surface.

They use anodized aluminum frames for solar panels. That provides for high-quality panel rigidity.

One can use these solar panels for many years. You will experience no faults, defects or operating failures.

It comes with a superb warranty for up to 20 years.

On a sunny day with 7 hours of sunlight in mid-summer, you can bargain for the generation of about 60 Watt.

That is 7 x 10 watt = 70 Watt.

Now you allow for a loss of 15% and you get 70 X 85/100 = 59.5 Watt

Round the 0,5 and you get a fair 60 Watt.

Use the 10 w solar panel for bringing power to small electronics while away from the grid.

The 10 w solar panel specs

Electrical stats of the 10 w solar panel

Peak Power (Pmax):                                                                                                            10W.

Short Circuit current (Isc):                                                                                              0.62A.

Open circuit voltage (Voc):                                                                                           21.88V.

Optimum operating current (Imp):                                                                            0.57A.

Optimum power voltage (Vmp):                                                                                 17.5V. 

Module efficiency:                                                                                                        10.74%. 

Power Tolerance:                                                                                                             +/- 3%.

Operating Temperature:                                                                                    -45 to +85°C.


Weight:                                                                                                                        1Kg(2.2) lb.

Dimension:                                                         295x290x20mm(11.5 X 11.5 X 0.9 Inch.)

Manufactory Location:                                                                  Made in United States.


Battery operated fans;

Automatic gate opener battery;

Working well to keep stored vehicles charged. Use with a charge controller.



Dry camp;


Courtyard lighting;

Small household lighting system;

Street lighting;

Solar Pump;

Portable solar power;

All small power electrical devices & small PV system;

Other off-grid applications.


  • The 10 w solar panel is cost-effective. Acopower also provides free professional engineering services.

  • The modules are compact and easy to set up, but with enough power. Instructions are easy to follow.
Sturdy frame with pre-drilled holes.Sturdy frame.
  • The 10 w panel withstands high winds of up to 2400 Pa and heavy snow loads up to 5400 Pa.

  • It uses a lightweight and sturdy anodized aluminum frame. It is a good construction with various holes punched for easy mounting.

  • The module comes with reinforced safety glass. The glass is anti- reflective and coated 3. 2mm thick and waterproof display.
  • Also an IP-65 rated junction box.

  • The panels are aesthetically pleasing and do not draw attention as solar panels.

  • The panels work well during cloudy days and still produce a satisfactory output.

  • The module comes with good solid leads to use at any time.

Disadvantages of the 10 w solar panel

A downside is that there's no mounting hardware. It would be good to include an option with mounting brackets at a higher price.

No blocking diodes in the junction box can lead to drainage of your battery. This is if you do not use a charge controller.(Best practice is to use a controller.)

To Mention

  • There is not a blocking diode on the panel, but when using a charge controller you will not need one.

  • If you decide to lay the panel on a flat surface you have to drill a small hole through the side lip. This is to pass the cable through. Use an RTV to protect the cable and stop water from passing through.

  • For 10 watts, it's a very compact panel

  • This 10 w solar panel is of good quality and sturdy construction.

Remember the following;

If you charge a battery, you need a charge controller.

If you run your fan or led light, you need both battery and charge controller.

If you want to charge an ACOPower portable solar generator you do not need a charge controller.

  • Testing the panel on a clear sunny day should produce 19 to 22 volt dc. Always confirm positive to positive and negative to negative.

  • The ends of the wires from the panel to the regulator are bare. That is good for larger regulators with set screws. For a smaller regulator you need SAE connectors. This will need a small modification to get the panel into operation.


The solar module comes with a 5 year workshop and 20 years output warranty.

In a conclusion

The 10 w solar panel is small and sturdy and worth the money.

 If you purchase a product through a link on this page, I do get a small   percentage  of commission at no extra cost to you.

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